Saturday, April 3, 2010

Judah 2 months old (a little late)

I was planning on posting a blog every month on the 16th so we could see how much Judah was growing. Well as you can see I am a little late this month.

Here is Judah at 2 (and a half) months old.
Judah now that you are 2 months old you are awake a lot more during the day. You love smiling and cooing. You can now hold your head up pretty good. You love being held and you don't mind being on the floor. For the last 2 weeks from about 7 to 9 pm you scream your head off (not the whole time). There is really not much we can do for you. I just try to hold and comfort you. Even though I am so sad you are upset I treasure this time learning how to meet your needs. You are such a sweet baby and I love you more than words could ever express. You now sleep in the pac n play beside our bed, swaddled of course. I normally feed you for the last time at 10pm then you wake up at 3 and 6 am to eat (you sometimes skip your 3am feeding). After that you sleep until 9:30am. I feel so much more rested now. You are such a blessing in our lives. I walked be a mirror yesterday and saw my reflection while I was holding you and I just had to stop and praise God. I just started remembering how worried I was when I was pregnant with you. I wasn't sure if my uterus was going to rupture I wasn't sure if you were really okay but God was just so faithful! As I looked at our reflection in the mirror I was just rejoicing that God allowed you to be born alive and rejoicing that He protected me during my pregnancy. It was surreal to be holding my 2 month old son! I am so thankful for God's sovereignty in our lives!

As a side note please be praying for my blogger friend Jessica her son Alex fell yesterday and has a broken vertebre.