Friday, June 3, 2011

Flash Back Friday/ engagement- now

Today we shall flash back to the year of 2004 and the month of July when Jason asked me to be his wife.

Jason and I always had all these crazy ideas about the dating process and being engaged. We had decided that we would have to date for a year before becoming engaged and then be engaged for a year before getting married to make sure we weren't making an emotional decision. We laugh about it now because we ended up dating for three months before we got engaged and we were engaged for seven months before we got married. You can read the whole story HERE but I will sum the engagement for you now.

Jason and I drove to El Paso to spend time with his family We had a blast and really got a chance to know each other on the 10 hour drive there and back. Jason was dropping me off at my apartment and we were both so sad about having to leave each other.  We were talking about how we hated to leave each other and Jason finally said well the only way we won't have to leave each other is if we get married. I agreed  then he asked if I would be his wife and I of course said yes! So much for that whole "date for a year and be engaged for a year" thing. The next weekend we went shopping for my ring and then he "officially" proposed down on one knee in the park under a tree. We couldn't wait to tell our family and friends.

This is us the day after we got engaged showing my ring off to my Mom and Dad.

We went to my Dad's apartment and called my Mom to come see too!

Then we had bologna sandwiches to celebrate :) 

This is me telling Jason's Mom the good news.

Telling my sisters!!!

Telling Jason's Aunt's, Uncle and cousins that live close.

We were so EXCITED! 

And here we are March 5th 2005 at our wedding!

This is one of my very favorite pictures that a friend took.

One of my very favorite pictures from our wedding! 

Here we are October 16, 2006 welcoming little Ms. Kenya into our family.

 November 11, 2008 welcoming Melody and Madison into our family and saying goodbye that very same day.

January 16, 2010 welcoming Judah into our family.

And here we are now. 

I am so thankful that Jason is my husband. 
We have been through a lot together and God has been so faithful to us!
I look forward to seeing where the Lord brings us in the next few years as well!

(Photo credits go to a friend at our wedding, Margaret Lake and Michelle Monk.)