Wednesday, September 30, 2009

21 Weeks 5 Days/ Nesting like crazy

Here I am September 30th 2009
21 weeks 5 days pregnant
38 inches
142 lbs

For a few days now I have had a HUGE urge to nest. It has taken over so I have given into this urge and I took pictures for you all to see.

The car seat and stroller are ready to go.
The diaper bag is packed yes packed with diapers, wipes, safety kit, plastic bags (for poopie diapers), well everything a normal diaper bag would have.

I have also pulled out a few boy blankets,
girl blankets and some neural ones.

Boy clothes, girl clothes and neural ones are ready!

Diapers, wipes and other necessity's have all been purchased and are ready to be use.
We are completely ready at this point to bring the baby home from the hospital. The only problem is I still have three and a half months to go. When I think about the fact I have done everything that needs to be done I laugh because that's just crazy, right?

I think a lot of the reason I have has this urge is because I didn't get to do this for Melody and Madison. Of course we bought them a few outfits and bows but we never knew if we were going to get to bring them home. So for me to get to plan for a baby is beyond exciting!

Of course I know that we are never 100% guaranteed that we are going to get to bring the new baby home but so far everything looks good and we are praising God for that!

I look forward to whatever the Lord has in store for our family and I so glad that we can share it with all of you!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Miracle Blanket Giveaway

I just wanted you all to know that one of my favorite blogs Waiting for Happy is giving away a Miracle Blanket.

If you have never been to Kristy's blog you must go and read their story.

If you have never heard about Miracle Blankets, well... where have you been??? Just kidding it is an amazing swaddling blanket that babies cannot get out of.

I hope you all win... well not really because I want to win, haha. No really go enter to win and if you do I want to know so I can be happy for you :)

p.s. Jason has been working on the blog, so if you subscribe via email or a feed reader check out the homepage and let us know what you think.

Monday, September 14, 2009

update on baby Jealous/ 18 week sonogram

I went to the doctor last week for my 18 week check up and Jason and Kenya were able to go with me this time. It is always such a joy to have them there. It is at the same time a little nerve racking if Kenya is there because we normally wait about two and a half hours to see the doctor. I try to bring her tons of things to do so that she doesn't get board, and thankfully it normally works. But this time we were in for a special treat...

Kenya decided to sleep the whole first hour after that she played with her toys and colored in her coloring book quietly!
While we were waiting for the doctor Kenya enjoyed some snuggle time with baby Jealous (that is what Kenya calls the baby, she named it after Papa T and Wita's cat whom she loves very much!)
This was a pretty big sonogram for us because it was the sonogram where the doctor was going to be checking to make sure everything was okay with the baby. I had such mixed feelings going. I was okay with not knowing if something was wrong but I also wanted to know if there was anything wrong so we could be prepared.

I just wanted to say really quick that we found out that our baby is completely healthy I will explain more about that later I just didn't want you to get the wrong idea by what I'm about to say.

God has used what we went through with Melody and Madison to change my heart is such a big way. Before we found out about the girls I got so overwhelmed thinking about taking care of a baby with special needs but after we found out about them I just instantly went into "Mommy Mode" and would have done whatever needed to be done to help them. Of course there was nothing that could have been done to help our girls but it was just amazing to look back and see the change in my heart.

[In fact, God changed my heart so much that Jason and I really wanted to adopt a little girl from China that needed a heart transplant. You can read more about her and two other little girls that really need to find good homes in America to get the treatment they need. China is making a lot of exception to get these three girls to America so please check out this link and please please pray these girls would find families. We were not able to move forward with adopting one of them because there was just no way that I could be in the hospital with one of our children while taking care of a newborn. It broke my heart not to be able to do it though!]

Okay back to the doctors visit...
As my doctor was doing the sonogram he said the brain was normal, the head shape was normal, the bowels, kidneys and stomach were all normal but when he got to the heart he got really quiet for a few minutes... okay, it was maybe a minute but much longer than it took for him to tell us about everything else. So I just knew something was wrong until he finally said the heart is a normal four chamber heart and the arteries look great. It was such a relief to hear that our baby is healthy but also hard to believe. I still don't think I am going to totally be at peace until I'm holding my crying baby. Don't get me wrong I'm not stressed out or worrying but it still doesn't seem real.

I can feel the baby move a lot now and Jason has even gotten to feel it a few times. Kenya loves touching my belly and saying, "Did you feel that? The baby kicked." She is so cute and she can't wait for this baby to be born. Everyday she tells me, "Your belly will get bigger and bigger and bigger then the baby will POP OUT!" She thinks she has it all figured out :)

Here are a few pictures of the baby they are not the best but I couldn't not post them.
The baby is looking right at you in this one. You can see one of the eyes and the nose.
This one the baby is also looking right at you.

Sorry it took me so long to post I just have not been in a blogging mood. I will try to post sooner next time but no promises :)