Friday, April 11, 2014

Making sweet memories and raising awareness.

Anton's very favorite movie in the whole wide world is Rio. He has watched it for a least a year almost every dressing change. When we found out Rio 2 was coming out our whole family couldn't wait to see it!

Today after Jason came home from work we loaded up with Wita in her car (Papa T is out of town) and headed to the movies. All the kids were so excited and talked up a storm on the way to the movie. Anton doesn't eat popcorn but he always asks for popcorn at the movies so he can hold it, cutest thing ever. We all really enjoyed the movie and after it was over we stayed for the entire credits because Anton was dancing up a storm while I was holding him. This boy has got some moves.

 After the movie we all went to BJ's Brewery for dinner. Anton is doing so much better eating by mouth so I ordered myself a meal that included foods that Anton can eat. I also ordered him a few fries because he loves to hold them. I think if you asked Anton what his favorite food was he would say yogurt first and fries second, although he wont he the fires, he just wants to hold them. We had an amazing meal and really enjoyed hanging out together.

 The family sitting next to us at BJ's had 2 older kids so I asked Anton if he wanted to go give them one of his cards and he said yes. We have awareness cards that have Anton's story on them, what EB is and how people can help by donating to iRefuse. We walked over and I said "Anton wanted to give you guys his cards." They were super sweet and were glad to have the information. We went back our table and not too long after the Dad and daughter came to our table and asked where we adopted Anton from. Once we told them Russia their daughter lit up because she was also adopted from Russia as well as her brother. I felt like my heart was going to explode I was so excited. Anton was so cute when I told him they were also adopted from Russia he said "WHAT?!?!?!" in his most excited voice. Then he told them he was from Moscow, Russia. :)

 Their daughter is 14 and was wanted to help Anton however she could. She wants to tell her friends at school about EB and wants to have a fundraiser for irefuse! I told Kenya what she said after they left and Kenya was so excited that the young lady wanted to help her brother.

We were all so touched by how kind and caring this family was. When we went to pay for our meal the waitress said the family we were talking to had already taken care of our meal. We were shocked, blessed and so thankful. I know they didn't do it so we would thank them but if you guys are reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH, that meant more to us than I could ever express with words. Also please email me because I want to send your daughter a few things so she can share them with her friends. It was a joy to meet y'all and to share the common bond of adoption!

God has truly blessed us and we are thankful for great memories and making new friends.

I hope y'all have a great weekend!