Saturday, December 28, 2013

Anton and Judah

Anton and Judah are so sweet together and they are the best of friends. Judah is always checking on Anton  (or E-ton as he calls him.) I rearranged their room a few days ago and Judah wanted his bed right by Anton's so they could hold hands and talk while they were falling asleep.

Tonight Anton was tired before Judah so I put him to bed first. A few minutes after I put him to bed Judah said "I'm going to go check on E-ton"  he went in there and Anton said "Judah can you lay down with me while I go to sleep?" Judah said "sure, let me ask Mama"  of course I said yes. He crawled in Anton's bed and they just talked and talked. Judah stayed very still so he didn't hurt his brother and I helped him get up once they were done hanging out.

I love watching Anton and Judah together. They have a bond like I have never seen before and it brings me such joy to watch them interact together.