Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby N and Tona :)

It is so hard to put into words what has gone on the past two weeks of our lives but I will try to do it justice and try to shine a little light on an amazing person who is now one of my dear dear friends. 

A few months ago I got an email from the family who would be pursuing Baby N's adoption. If you don't know who Baby N is I can't really give many details other then he is one year old, has EB, and is an orphan in Eastern Europe. I told her to call me right away because I had so many things I needed to tell her and I couldn't wait to hear the details of their adoption from her! Once she called we talked for a really long time and I knew without a doubt that she was serious and that her family would do whatever it took to adopt Baby N. Before we got off the phone I told her we would LOVE for her to come stay with us and I would teach her everything I knew about EB. She was very excited and agreed to come stay with us. I kinda laugh about it now because Anton has only been home for 4 months so I really didn't have much to offer her but I was sure I would teach her everything I knew. 

Fast forward to the 22nd of July when Tona arrived in Texas I think she was as nervous as I was but it didn't take us long to hit it off and we became instant friends :) Tona wanted to learn as much as she could so when they bring their baby home she will be prepared to care for his needs. We spent the next ten days getting to know each other but more importantly I tried to pour into her everything I knew about EB. Tona was a very fast learner and by the middle of her trip she was bandaging Anton's arms and legs by herself. I know without a doubt Tona will make an amazing EB Mama and the fact that her husband is on board and is excited about adopting him makes me so happy. 

Tona advocated for EB for a few years before her family decided to adopt Baby N so she knows what she is getting herself into and I can not be more excited for her family. Baby N will be so loved and so well cared for and I can't wait to see him in their arms! 

Most of you followed our journey as we adopted Anton and you guys know how hard the process is and how much money it takes to adopt a child from EE. The Crooker family can not do this alone they need our help and here is what we can do to help them. Tona is giving away a brand new Apple iPad away to help raise money for their adoption so please please please donate to their fundraiser and PLEASE share their fundraiser on your blog and your FB pages HERE is the link to the fundraiser! They can not do this alone but together we can help get Baby N into his family's arms where he belongs! 

Here are lots of pictures of Tona's visit :) 

Thank you in advance for helping this sweet sweet family! 


Anonymous said...

Thank you Vanessa for writing this! I've been hoping and praying that you would share Tona's story with your readers who were so generous with you and your family. Can't wait for them to bring Baby N home!!!

Heather Bogolyubova

sveta said...

I know about the Baby N, I'm a little help to him in the EE and I am give a little money to help Tona . It is waiting and I believe that the Baby N gets in this wonderful family!