Wednesday, September 30, 2009

21 Weeks 5 Days/ Nesting like crazy

Here I am September 30th 2009
21 weeks 5 days pregnant
38 inches
142 lbs

For a few days now I have had a HUGE urge to nest. It has taken over so I have given into this urge and I took pictures for you all to see.

The car seat and stroller are ready to go.
The diaper bag is packed yes packed with diapers, wipes, safety kit, plastic bags (for poopie diapers), well everything a normal diaper bag would have.

I have also pulled out a few boy blankets,
girl blankets and some neural ones.

Boy clothes, girl clothes and neural ones are ready!

Diapers, wipes and other necessity's have all been purchased and are ready to be use.
We are completely ready at this point to bring the baby home from the hospital. The only problem is I still have three and a half months to go. When I think about the fact I have done everything that needs to be done I laugh because that's just crazy, right?

I think a lot of the reason I have has this urge is because I didn't get to do this for Melody and Madison. Of course we bought them a few outfits and bows but we never knew if we were going to get to bring them home. So for me to get to plan for a baby is beyond exciting!

Of course I know that we are never 100% guaranteed that we are going to get to bring the new baby home but so far everything looks good and we are praising God for that!

I look forward to whatever the Lord has in store for our family and I so glad that we can share it with all of you!



The Barreness said...

You look SO cute! I am sure there will be more stuff you can clean and organize as the time gets nearer, like the pantry and linen closes, bathroom cabinets, etc. lol! Have fun, and I am still praying this pregnancy goes well!

Mama 2 three said...

Wow, you are good! Nothing left to do but wait!;)

Andrea & Jim-Britt said...

Well you can come help me "nest"!! LOL 5 more weeks & I am in NO way as ready as you to bring Colt home LOL!! Love you & hope the next 3 months go by quickly so I can meet that sweet baby!!!

Christine said...

You are amazing to be ready so early! You look great. I am so excited for you!

mandy said...

Way to go girl!