Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving '09 (1 of 3)

We had such a great thanksgiving this year! This was my first Thanksgiving to be pregnant and when I'm pregnant most of my day is spent eating. What a great time to be pregnant!

We got to enjoy three thanksgiving meals this year. We had a Thanksgiving Church Potluck the Sunday before Thanksgiving ... or should I say Church Pot-Providence since we don't believe in luck ;) . Then the night before Thanksgiving we had Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, step Dad, sister, uncle, cousins, grandmother and grandfather. And thanksgiving day we went to Jason's Aunt and Uncles house.

Kenya and I went a little early to my Mom's house Wednesday night so she could help my Mom cook... or eat?
She had so much fun making deviled eggs.

She stuffed them...
and licked them

and stuffed them again and served them to our family half eaten.
We got a special treat this Thanksgiving as my grandfather was able to join us. This was only the second time Kenya has been around him. They enjoyed coloring together.
This is Kenya making candied yams which turned into yam soup because she cut them up so much. She had fun and that's all that matters, well not really because I wanted candied yams but I am glad she had fun!
Kenya enjoyed taking food from Uncle Jack who was my FAVORITE person growing up.
It is so neat to get to watch my daughter interact with my uncle.

After we ate and had desert I walked in the kitchen and found Kenya eating all of the fudge.
I can't really blame her I would have done the same thing if no one was looking.

...part 2...part 3...


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noahandlylasmommi said...

LOL she is too cute eating that fudge!