Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jewel the Squirrel: Day 2

 Kenya and I slept on the couch with the squirrel in her box right in the middle of us on the fold out table thing in the middle of the couch. Kenya fell asleep around 11 pm and the next feeding was at 11:30pm I tried to wake her up with no luck and I couldn't believe my team mate had bailed on me already. I fed the squirrel and tried to fall asleep but I kept thinking Jewel was going to climb out of her box and fall somewhere on the couch and I would never be able to find her. Then it was time for her next feed 1:30am I tried again to wake Kenya up with no luck. I will tell you this took me right back to having a newborn which at the time I LOVED but I'm pretty sure from this point on I only want to adopt kids 1 and up. Back to the 1:30am feed the squirrel did pretty good she kept drinking too much and it would come out of her nose then I would have to wipe it off and try to feed her slower. Really who wants to slowly feed a squirrel at 1:30am not me but I did it.  Then I tried to get the squirrel to sleep in her box but all the sudden after not really moving in 10 hours she learned to crawl. Great... So I put her in my hand and wrapped a blanket around it till she was nice and asleep and put her back in the box. I am telling you it was just like having a newborn baby although I don't put my newborn babies in a box or feed them cats milk. I can't remember how many times I woke up to feed her I think 2 or 3 my little side kick Ms. Kenya didn't wake up for any of the feeds but was convinced this morning that she helped me with all of them. 

I was so excited when we finally woke up around 8:30am and Jewel was still ALIVE we did it. Kenya and I fed her one last time and I got ready super fast so I could get her to the vet still alive :) I kept Judah with me while I was getting ready because I didn't want him to grab her. Of course the second I turn away I see Judah putting something pink in his mouth so I yelled at the top of my lungs JUDAH NOOOOOOOO I flew across the living room to pull what I though was the squirrel out of his mouth I was thinking "great I kept this squirrel alive all this time and my son is going to kill it 5 minutes before I take it to the vet and I'm sure get some awful disease  from eating a squirrel."  As I got closer I realized it was just the close pin we used to keep Jewels box closed... that was close. 

As we drove to the vet I was pretty proud of my Mommy Squirrel skillz. We took it in and they were so nice. They said the doctor would take great care of Jewel and they kept saying how little she was. Judah was saying "hi baby hi baby" then I said okay it's time to say bye to the baby squirrel and he said " I want baby I want baby" Judah was more sad to leave the squirrel there than Kenya and I were. It was really cute! 

So that is the end of days with a pet squirrel. It was fun but I can't really say I want to do it again. I am very glad Kenya got to have that experience though. 


Chris and Julia said...

Bless your hearts!! I would've done the same thing. Big animal lovers here... just don't tell the judge over here that ;)

Jessica said...

What a wonderful memory that will be - not to mention an adventure for you!

Ashley H. said...

Cute story Vanessa! Hope that'll be a lasting memory for Kenya to think about when she's in her college classes to become a horse doctor! :)