Monday, May 14, 2012

Movie Monday

Anton is talking so much and he is picking up on words just by listening to everyone around him. We were at Chili's the other day and one of the servers said "awesome" then Anton said it and it is now his new favorite word. I can't even count all the words he knows and he now knows around 10 signs. He is so smart and he amazes us with all the new things he is learning.

Here is a video a friend took at church with her cell phone.
Enjoy :)


Tona said...

He's adorable!

Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing video. i am very very happy to see Antosha in good form. Thanks a lot to vanessa and Jason. You are a very good parents! bravo

angelika said...

Anton is AWESOME cute and smart!:)
Does he play with cats sometimes? he shows cats sound very natural:)))

Anonymous said...

OMG sooo cute!! I love it!

- Ellen

sveta said...

Antosha, we love you very much, you must know this! We are very happy for you that you have a family! Of course, we always worry about you because you are the native little man for us. You always will stay in our heart! Hugs! Let your way in life will be easy, fun and good! We always wait for the news about you! May God always protects to you!

Laura A said...

AWESOME!! It's so neat to see how much progress he's making! YAY, Anton!


Tarja said...

Hey Vanessa! I've been following your blog for months never commenting. I just wanted to tell you that this world truly is a better place because of people like you, Jason, Olga and Alyona. You are Heaven-sent angels on Anton's path of life. I admire the goodness of your heart and your strong faith in God. I wish the best for your beautiful family of five. God bless you guys!