Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Movie Monday (on Tuesday)

I am so excited to tell you all that Patrice entered us to win a grant to be able to go to the Patient Care Conference (for Epidermolysis Bullosa) that Debra hosts and we WON!!! Anton and I will be headed to Florida at the end of July to stay at an amazing hotel while learning a TON about EB. I can't wait to go meet all the families that I have talked to online for the past year!!!

Patrice, Matt and Jonah will also be there which I am SUPER excited about. I decided I needed to teach Anton who they were because I knew we would be spending a lot of time together so everyday I would show him their picture and say "Patrice, Matt and Jonah" he finally started saying their names and it is so cute! 


Oh and as a random side note we just got done with dressing change so that's why I look so rough :) and the bandage on Anton's face is to keep him from rubbing the skin off his nose while he sleeps (so far it has worked).


Anonymous said...

You are amazing. Anton is in great hands!

angelika said...

Oh, yes, very good job buddy Anton! :) LOVE his smile and joy while he articulates words)
Vanessa, you are not looking rough, you look cool with that bandana !)
PS. I am still waiting for your answer ( foot size and possibly account), the last step to send a parcel. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I agree.. you do NOT look rough at all... Hope you enjoy the conference.ML

Ellen said...

He is so cute. Looks like your doing a great job with him!!

sveta said...

Sweet baby! We love him very much! And we love all your family, Vanessa!

Anonymous said...

Just love this video. It is SO positive! I often watch it with my 3yearold. She knows Antosha very well now, and we pray for him often.