Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Anton is in the hospital

I'm pretty tired so I am just gong to re-post my status' from Anton's FB page:

February 17th:
Today has been a long, crazy, scary day. I took Anton to the hospital to get an x-ray of his thumb because he wont move it and I'm pretty sure it's dislocated well by the time we got here Anton was having trouble breathing and his lips were blue. He wasn't doing well at all and was getting worse and worse by the second. His O2 stats were in the 70s so they did a breathing treatment which helped and put him on oxygen. As long as he has oxygen blowing in his face he is fine but if the oxygen moves from his face his oxygen levels start drooping. They x-rayed his thumb but said it's not broken and they couldn't really tell if it was dislocated (I'm pretty sure it is, so at some point we will take him to an Eb hand doc to look at it). The doctor was getting really worried about him and really thought he was septic (infection in blood) or would be soon. He was having a hard time breathing, talking and moving. I was getting crazy worried about him. I was so thankful once they got his blood work back and the infection was not in his blood! He does have pneumonia though so that's why he is having such a hard time breathing. He is doing breathing treatments every 4 hours, is on antibiotics and steroids. The are also giving him iv antibiotics for his infected wounds. Can you believe that?!?! God is so good that we were coming in to get. Anton's thumb x-rayed but really we got here at the perfect time cause he was in distress and I didn't even realize it. I will keep y'all updated if there are any changes.

February 18th:
We had an awful night last night and didn't hardly sleep at all. Every time Anton moved the oxygen moved away from his mouth and his stats would drop. He has had a really bad morning too and has a very painful cough. But as of a few minutes ago he is talking and acting a little more like his normal self. He still has a long way to go but I was so happy to hear him talk. The hospital gave him a prayer bear and Anton said "ohhhh I like a bear" then he hugged it and said " look I hug a bear". So cute!!!

February 18th (sometime in the afternoon): 
Jason came to the hospital for a few hours today so I could go home to pack a bag and rest. I had an awful headache by the time I got home but after some meds and a few.hours sleep I felt great. Anton is still in a lot of pain even though he is one some crazy strong pain meds. The plan is to give him enough pain mess to get him comfortable for the next few days to give his body a chance to focus on recovering from the pneumonia. His doctors think it will take awhile because he was so sick when we got here. He is already breathing a little better though and the oxygen doesn't have to be right in his face anymore. He still needs it but not as much. We saw the hand surgeon and she said they can't do anything for his thumb right now since he is having a hard time breathing but once he is recovered from pneumonia and gets a little stronger they will have to do surgery to get his thumb back in place. :( makes me so sad but also so.thankful it was dislocated otherwise we might not have even come to the hospital. Our friend Jen came to visit and had Anton talking, singing, smiling and laughing. It was so great to see him happy!

February 19th (in the morning): 
Anton and I slept great last night! He has been off of oxygen for the last few hours and is breathing great on his own. He has been more alert today but still not back to his happy little self. He is getting better day by day and hopefully he will be fully recovered soon!

February 19th (in the evening):
I don't know if I already posted this or not so sorry if I already did. Sunday through Friday of last week Anton would start coughing after he had been asleep for a few hours then he would throw up a few times and I would then stop his night feeds. I took him to the doctor on Friday because I was worried that he was aspirating on his throw up and also wanted to have a few of his wounds cultured. His doctor said Anton's lungs sounded great so he wasn't worried about pneumonia. I was still concerned but was glad his lings sounded clear. Well fast forward to Sunday and my fears were confirmed he did have pneumonia (I think it just took a few days to start sounding bad). Anton has had a full days feed in a few days and he also hasn't thrown up in a few days, well wouldn't you know it, he got almost a full days feeds today and started throwing up. He threw up several times while I held him bent over so he wouldn't swallow his vomit then he started throwing up a little blood ( totally normal for Anton to throw up blood if he vomits a lot because it tears up the lining of his throat ). So sweet boy for whatever reason can't handle his full days feeds. We stopped his food for the night and will be talking to his dietitian tomorrow to see how we can fix this problem.

Information I haven't put on FB:
Anton's breathing is getting a lot better and he doesn't have to have oxygen blowing in his face anymore. I think they were thinking about sending us home in the next few days but I asked if we could stay to get iv antibiotics for his infected wounds. Even though his infections are under control at this time I didn't want to get home them have to come right back if for some reason his infections got worse. So the doctor agreed and we will be here until he finishes his IV antibiotics. 

My sweet Mother in Law, Rose, brought me a ton of food to the hospital today so I have plenty to eat and I wont have to leave Anton to go downstairs to get food. Anton doesn't want anyone else but me or Jason so trying to go get food has been hard. I am very thankful to have plenty now :) My MIL and FIL are also watching Kenya and Judah while Jason is a work. All of that has been a HUGE help! Thank you guys so much, we love y'all are so so blessed by all of the help! 

I will try to update as much as I can but I only have the kindle at the hospital so it makes it hard for me to write a good post using that instead of a computer. My sweet friend Shannon brought me some egg rolls from Jack in the Box (my favorite) and brought me her computer so I could update you all. Thanks Shannon, I love your face :) 

Okay that is all I can think of for tonight. 

Anton when we first got to the hospital, the thing in his face is blowing oxygen on him. 

 Sweet boy not feeling well.

The sign on the door and in two other places.

 Jen entertaining Anton : )

Anton getting a breathing treatment.  His super sweet RT in that picture got him that Brobee balloon!!!!

This is Anton tonight after his rough time of throwing up, he finally settled down and went to sleep.

 I was trying to get a picture of how red my cheeks were after the throwing up episode but the redness didn't show up. Imagine super red, hot cheeks after worrying about my boy. 


Anonymous said...

Vanessa, I am so sorry to hear that ANton is having such a hard time :(
I tried sending you a message on FB but it won't let me for some reason. Anyways,
I am thinking and praying for you and Anton! sending you all my love, stay strong mommy!
christiana (cyprus)

Stephanie Rohloff said...

Vanessa and Jason, I just saw this post, we had no idea Anton was in the hospital. I will be praying for him. I hope he is better this week.
Love you