Friday, April 5, 2013


Anton is doing well and his infections are clearing up! We started doing vinegar baths daily and it has made a HUGE difference. He only has one spot left that looks infected but it is getting smaller daily!

We met with the hand surgeon yesterday and she got some more x-rays of Anton's right hand. His thumb is not dislocated but is broken :( I was so sad to hear that but she said it is healing well. We have no idea how he broke it but she said the bones in his hands are tiny so it wouldn't take much to dislocate or break them. We had been wrapping his hand in coflex (it is a stronger bandage) to hold his thumb in place every since he was in the hospital the last time and she said I can stop doing that now. She said he looked so much better than when he was in the hospital which was nice to hear.

The left side is the x-ray of Anton' hand yesterday. The part that is broken is his thumb. You can see a think white line toward the top of the bone and that is the break. The bone in the middle is his pointer finger and the one that is beside it with the top bent over is his middle finger (I might have gotten those backwards), his ring finger and pinky finger are totally fused to the palm of his hand and lay flat. You can see them in the x-ray if you look at the middle of the x-ray. 

His doctor took a lot of time with us and answered all of my questions. We are going to be working with the PT hand specialist to help his fingers open up more. They are going to make him a mold out of some soft material that hardens after they apply it (it stays soft on the inside) we will put that on him at night to get his fingers to slowly open up more. She also asked about his wound healing and I told her that everything takes about 2 to 3 weeks to heal except for his right knee which hasn't healed at all since we brought him home over a year ago.  She said that she has also done wound care in the past and she wanted to follow him and see if she can help get that knee to heal. We are seeing the wound care team at the hospital today to show them his leg and see if they have any ideas. She had talked about whirlpool therapy but I'm not sure if we would do that or not. I know at Cincinnati Children's Hospital (in their EB clinic) does whirlpool therapy but they do it under anesthesia because it can be pretty painful. I will be asking a lot of questions today and if I am not comfortable with the way they do it here we will just wait until we can go to the EB clinic. I am excited that she is wanting to help and help with things I hadn't really thought of yet. She can also do skin grafts and a few other things to encourage that leg to heal. I am hopeful that we can get his leg to heal! We will go back in a month to see her for a recheck of his thumb and to talk more about possibly doing hand surgery in the future to release some of his fingers.

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

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