Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Facebook update from Help Anton

We drove to Memphis last night and stayed in a hotel for the night and then drove the other three and a half hours to Nashville today. We wanted to go to Graceland but then decided we would just drive up and take a picture instead but little did we know you can't even see the house without paying for parking so we took a picture with the sign and called it a win :-) Once we got to our hotel we met the sweetest family whose 7 year old daughter has EB. Anton was Sooooo excited to meet a special EB friend just like him. We enjoyed talking with them before we went to our room. The conference is at the Gaylord in Nashville and is such a beautiful hotel. Next my very dear friend Crystal drove over three hours to come meet us and visit with us. Crystal and her husband has conjoined twin boys the same year we had our girls so we share a bond that not many other people do. It was such a joy to get to visit with her and her 2 daughters. Billie is 13 and Harper is 3. We hugged I think 100 times :-) our time together went by way too fast but I will cherish it always. We also got to spend much of the afternoon with the amazing EB nurse educator MS. Geri. We learned a lot about this sweet lady including the fact that she was once a spy... Okay not really but it is our joke because she has done so much traveling and has the best stories. And on a random side note any amazing single guys in TX want to marry this woman so she can move to TX and be close to us feel free to message me :-) Then we met Matt, Patrice, Jonah and Baby G for dinner and has the best time hanging out with them. Jonah and Anton talked about how they both has special skin and a few other things they have in common. We had a blast hanging out with the Williams family and are going swimming with them tomorrow. Today has been packed full and oh so fun! Looking forward to tomorrow. Anton is so excited to see Ava tomorrow who he likes to say is his girlfriend :-) Thank you so much to everyone who donated to and shared our fundraiser, this trip has already been such a huge blessing to our family and such a great experience for Anton. As we were talking about it tonight he was squealing with delight as he told me about his friends he met today who have special skin just like him. We have also been praising God for Anton being well enough to come on this trip and for the blessing of our whole family being able to come. - July 29, 2014 at 10:45PM http://ift.tt/1r2lUi4

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