Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Facebook update [pic] from Help Anton

We have some super exciting news!!!! We took Anton to The University of Minnesota Children's Hospital September 8th - 10th to go see Dr. Tolar and to find out if Anton qualifies for the Bone Marrow Transplant. We just found out yesterday that Anton does qualify for the Bone Marrow Transplant!!!! They are in the process of locking down an unrelated donor and getting insurance approval. If they choose a bone marrow donor he will have the transplant done in 3 months and if they choose a cord blood donor it could be as soon as 3 or 4 week (but I don't think we would leave that soon). Our whole family will be moving to Minnesota temporally to be close to Anton and to support each other during the transplant. Jason will be able to work for the same company while we are up there, Kenya will go to school at the Ronald McDonald House, and Judah will be hanging out with which ever parent isn't at the hospital with Anton. We will be living in a hotel until a room opens up at the Ronald McDonald House then we will move into the Ronald McDonald house for the remainder of our stay there. We still aren't sure how long we will be gone. We have to stay in MN for 100 days post transplant but we have decided to stay as long as needed to get Anton as healthy as possible. It could be four months or it could be a year. We are just going to play it by ear and do what's best for Anton. We are very excited about this treatment because it can give Anton such a better quality of life! Here is a news story about a little girl who had the transplant done recently. http://ift.tt/1us94wA Here is a link to more information about The Bone Marrow Transplant for people with Epidermolysis Bullosa. http://ift.tt/1us94wC I will keep y'all updated!! via Help Anton http://ift.tt/1us94MQ November 18, 2014 at 03:45PM

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Anonymous said...

Very exciting news! I am sure you are nervous as well. Prepare for the crZy MN weather! You never know what you are going to get! I live about 20 min from Minneapolis and would love to help if there is something I can do. Please reply with an email that I can sendy information to-I don't want to post mine here for all to see. Thanks! Heidi