Friday, December 5, 2014

Facebook update [pic] from Help Anton

Update on Anton and on the bone marrow transplant... As Anton is getting older his skin is breaking down in more places. I keep having to add more and more bandages to make sure the least amount of skin possible is exposed. He has had a hard few days... he has more open wounds than normal and has been in more pain than normal. His nose seems to be taking a lot longer to heal and bleeding more than any other time he has had a wound on it. If Anton cries, or moves his nose too much it will just start bleeding (from the wound on the top of his nose). I am thankful to have to opportunity to move forward with the bone marrow transplant and I am praying it will help Anton's skin to get much tougher! We should be moving to MN in the next 6 to 8 weeks. We are guessing it will be sometime in February. They have found several bone marrow matches for Anton. The team in MN is working with Be The Match to get one locked down! We are very very thankful that Anton has so many matches!!! That isn't the case for everyone though so if you haven't registered with please consider it. You could help save someones life! Thanks for loving our family and our sweet boy! #healeb #causethewave #irefuseeb via Help Anton December 04, 2014 at 11:51PM


Autumn said...


I was just catching up on your blog and am praying for all of you, especially Anton. Praise God for the bone marrow transplant! So thankful His hand is on your sweet boy! My heart goes out to you and Jason for the love and care you have given your son. And my heart goes out to Anton for being so strong. I will also be praying for your time in Minnesota. We stayed in the Ronald McDonald House when John had his open heart surgery and they were absolutely amazing. I will pray that a room becomes available soon. John still has a couple of issues with his heart that are monitored often, and one is that his left ventricle is also enlarged. Such a hard thing to not be able to fix everything about our children, but our reliance on God keeps us all close to him. I know that Anton has suffered much, and I pray this is a blessing to his sweet body and the the Lord would bring him healing through it. We love you guys and miss you!


Cherbos said...

I would like to send something to Anton while he is in the hospital getting his treatment. Could you send me an address please? Praying that this treatment heals his skin so that even if he cries, he does not have to worry about opening another sore on his little nose!!