Sunday, May 10, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +45 Anton was grumpy for most of the day until Jason, Kenya, and Judah got here. As soon as they walked through the door he got so excited and was happy for the rest of the evening. They are not going to give Anton GCSF tomorrow to see what his numbers do without it. They don't feel like it is really helping to raise his anc but if for some reason his anc drops they will start him back on GCSF. He still has a crazy rash covering his body so we are doing steroid cream three times a day. It was pretty impossible to do this while we were at Ronald McDonald House and i was dreading doing it here but then Jason suggested leaving him unwrapped all day then wrapping him again before bed so we tried it and it worked out great. We started doing that yesterday and it was much easier to leave him unwrapped then to do 3 full dressing changes. Tonight before bed instead of wrapping Anton back up I just put patches on his open wounds and then put tubifast over his body. I am hoping this works out well because it would be so nice of we didn't have to cover him in bandages! I was looking back at old pictures of Anton and was amazed at how much his skin has changed already. He only has a few open wounds and they are all pretty small. His knee was almost closed but it opened back up. I'm hoping that will start to close again because it was looking amazing. Oh and I haven't popped a blister in weeks! Anton's skin is still fragile but is breaking down less and healing faster. This was by far one of my favorite Mother's Day ever. It was nice and relaxing especially since I didn't have to give Anton any of the 25 meds he is on. ;) I got to hang out with the family, we ate Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, played games, and just enjoyed being together. Mother's Day will always be bitter sweet for me because I don't have all my babies with me but this year it was more sweet than bitter. I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day! - May 10, 2015 at 11:46PM

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