Thursday, May 21, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +55 We went to clinic today and got to take Wita with us!!! Anton doesn't have many open wounds but the ones he does have are very infected. We cultured the wounds and they put him back on IV antibiotics that we are able to do at Ronald McDonald House. I'm praying these antibiotics start kicking in soon so we don't end up back in the hospital. His infections make his numbers drop (at least that's what I think is the cause). His wbc and anc are both a little over 1 today. We were able to move into a new space at Ronald McDonald and we are pretty excited about it. Well not about moving but about having more space. It has high ceilings, a stair case that leads to a loft style room which has 2 beds in it and we have a separate bedroom downstairs. After we were done in clinic Wita and I brought Anton back to Jason, then we picked Kenya up from school and had a girls day. We went to chili's and then to target. We had a blast!! Today is Baby Reid's first birthday! That kid has been through more in his first year of life than most people have been on their entire lives. I love that baby and his family so much and I'm so thankful I got to see him on his birthday. After we got back from target I took Baby Reid's big brother and sister downstairs so they could watch a movie with us, then all the kids went outside to play. Kenya and Judah loved playing with them and are looking forward to seeing them again soon. Anton seems to be feeling well and is enjoying time with Papa T and Wita. Several families from RMH has gone home these past few days and several more are about to go home. It is so sad to see them go but I'm so happy they are able to return back to their families. We will miss them all dearly!!! I hope y'all are doing well!!! - May 21, 2015 at 12:15AM

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