Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1st doctors appointment/ the scare of my life/ update on Jason

I had my first doctors appointment today. I was so excited about going but so nervous. If you would have been reading my tweets I'm sure you would have laughed at all the different emotions I was going through.

I got there thirty minutes early and they were running about half and hour behind so I was waiting for about an hour and my mind was racing. It was going from everything was fine and I was convinced we were having twins to I knew for sure we had miscarried.

They finally called me back and had to check my weight (I'm starting out 13 pounds heaver than I did with both of my other pregnancy's), blood pressure (was great), temperature (which was a little high but not too high), then some other things they had to check.

They told me they would come get me once a sonogram room opened up. So more waiting and more mind racing.

Finally a room was open, it was an hour after my appointment time and and hour and a half since I had gotten there. Which is typical when you see a specialist it was just hard since it was my first appointment.

This is my reflection on the giant screen on the wall.
I was waiting for them to come in and do the sonogram.

I can't remember her name but a lady started the sonogram and all you could see was an empty sack. My heart sank and all I could think about was, "I knew it, I lost the baby". She looked around for a few minutes then turned it off and said, "We need to do an internal sonogram because I can't find the baby." I said, "Tell me the truth, do you think there is a baby in there?" I knew she couldn't answer that question but I was dying to know. She just told me that it was just really hard to see in there and that's why they needed to do the internal sonogram. She was very sweet and loving I'm so thankful she was in there with me.

I went to the restroom and texted Jason to let him know what was going on. It was everything I could do not to cry. I couldn't believe I was going to have to go lay back down and go through that all over again.

My doctor and the sonogram lady came in this time. He was trying to keep things light hearted asking me a few questions before he started the sonogram. I just wanted it to be over. He started the sonogram and all you could see again was the sack and no baby. He wasn't saying anything just zooming in and looking around. I was so sad, but I kept my cool, tears were welling up in my eyes but I held them back. He kept looking and finally we saw a tiny heartbeat. The baby is only about 7 weeks and was flipped the wrong way so all we could see was the heartbeat, but praise Jesus for that tiny beating heart.

My estimated due date is January 20th 2010.

My doctor said everything is fine and I will have another sonogram in 4 weeks so we can really see the baby and get a better date for my pregnancy.

My doctor asked if I had any questions and I said "I had a lot of questions but I forgot them all, that was AWFUL!" (referring to not being able to find the baby at first) he was really sweet and pulled the picture of the baby back up, he tried again to get measurements but the baby is just too small. He did tell me that the baby's heart is beating 122 beats per minute.

They were extremely busy and he could have just rushed out of there but he didn't, he spent a lot of time answering my questions and just made me feel a lot better. He said, "This is going to be a normal pregnancy and a normal baby." Of course, God is the only one who knows that, but it was so great hearing my doctor say it!

When he delivered the twins he had to cut vertically on my uterus so I can not try for a v-bac (which is fine with me). Also with the fact that he cut vertically on my uterus it is of up most importance that I do not go into labor because the risk of my uterus rupturing is very high if I go into labor. He normally does repeat c sections (if the cut was horizontally) at 39 weeks but since mine cut is vertical he wants to deliver before I go into labor.

He will do an Amniocentesis (a sample of the amniotic fluid, which surrounds a baby in the womb, is collected through a pregnant woman's abdomen using a needle and syringe.) at 37 weeks to make sure the lungs are mature. Then we should have a baby by the end of the year!

I'm so thankful for my doctor, I trust him and he is an expert at what he does. I'm praising God for the life He is growing in my womb!

Jason is doing much better today, too. Thank y'all for praying for him. I started feeling a little sick a few hours ago, please pray I don't get Swine Flu hopefully it's just a cold.


noahandlylasmommi said...

Oh Vanessa, that must have been torture. It is so hard when you are so emotionally fragile and you start thinking what if. I am so glad there was a heartbeat! God is good and His hands are on your little one all the time.

Lauren said...

Who's your doctor? What group Is he with?

Just'N Angel said...

I was holding my breath as I read and was so glad to hear that all is well and the baby is okay. Praying for you as you go through these special months.

Lorie said...

Rest assured, all is well... My first sonogram at 5 weeks with Leonardo was way too early to detect anything on a regular sonogram, but the sac was forming and they had to do an internal sonogram as well to view it. Second sonogram at 7 weeks was still an internal sonogram and we saw the heartbeat. It wasn't until my third sonogram that they didn't have to go internally.
My last sonogram with Netanya on Monday, they began putting me on the monitor once a week now to monitor her heartbeat, my contractions, if baby is distressed, etc...they could not find her heart sank and I had an immediate flashback, but I knew she was alive because minutes before that we had just seen her squirming around in my belly. It turned out that she was just being very figidy and kept moving around! Nonetheless, it was a scare as well.
You and baby will be in God. Love you guys.
-Auntie Lorie

Fish with Trish said...

Glad all is well so far! Love you, sis!

Matt & Crystal Rosecrance said...

Hey Vanessa! I am so glad to know everything is ok. It is going to be a long 9 months! But God is Good, and we will be praying for you all. Thanks for your kind words about Nalla, I miss her so much! She was the sweetest dog in the world and I will never have another like her. I still can't believe she is gone, I do not remember my life with out her! Of course I know she is a dog, not a person, but she was part of my family that we can never replace. You take care of yourself--tell Jason I hope he is feeling better!
LOVE YOU! Crystal

allison said...

I am so joyous over your wonderful visit. I remember when Pete and I went back in after we lost our 1st and were pregnant with Chloe...we both were so solemn and I was just like you, fearful over the news. My dr held my hand and reassured me there was a heartbeat...she knew I needed that affirmation. What a joy and relief. This baby is all part of the Lord's healing. Chloe helped heal our hearts...this little one will help all of you! Glory be to God!

LOve, allison

Kara said...

I won't deny, I was very nervous reading this post, but I am so happy for you. Praise God! You are amazing!

Erica said...

HUGS!! So glad the ultrasound went well in the end. I know how nerve wracking they are! HUGS!!! YAY FOR BABY!