Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Judah is one month old

Today Judah is one month old. I am planning on taking a picture of him every month with that bear so we can all see how much he is growing. After we found out we were going to have a baby we were shopping at Carters and Kenya found that bear and said "we have to get this for my baby brother" we didn't know what we were having but it was so cute we had to get the bear. Turns out she was right and she sure does love her baby brother.

Judah now that you are one month old you are staying awake for about 4 hours a day now.

You are normally a very happy baby although the past 3 days you have gotten a little fussy and you now spit up.

You have cooed twice once at Daddy and once at Kenya but your first smile was for Mommy.

You normally eat your last feeding of the night at 11:50ish then only wake up one to two times during the night to eat. You are such a good baby you go right back to sleep once you are done eating and that makes me very happy.

You had your first bottle (with Mommy's milk in it) last week and you did great.

You only take a pacifier at night which may be why you sleep so well.

Your sister is in love with you and holds you most of the day. She has gotten a lot better about sharing you with friends and family.

You HATE sleeping flat so you sleep in your car seat at night and I (Mommy) normally hold you during the day for your naps. You have to be swaddled while you are sleeping otherwise you will wake up after only a few minutes.

I can't believe you are already a month old. I love having a son you are such a blessing to our family. I pray we will always enjoy you and your sister and not take one moment for granted.

We love you Judah happy one month old birthday!

And just for fun here is what Kenya looked like when she was one month old.

and here is a better shot of Judah from today

I didn't really think they looked alike until now. I'm praising God for the blessings He has given us!

You have turned for me my mourning into dancing;
you have loosed my sackcloth
and clothed me with gladness,
that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent.
O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever!
Psalm 30:11-12


jochebed1 said...

oh they for sure look like each other :D

Patty said...

Wow...can't believe the resemblence!!! Love the pictures of your beautiful family!!! Blessings from TX.


Stephanie Rohloff said...

Wow, they look a lot alike, that is neat. I can't believe its been a month already, such a sweet boy.

Stephanie Rohloff said...

Oh, and I was just showing Kate his picture...and she noticed that they are using the same pacifier... or rather, he was using the one she is using right now. So funny the things that kids notice, but it impressed her...or did it confuse her?

Anonymous said...

Judah is just beautiful and perfect! The last pic of him looks like he's ready to punch someone with his fist! :) So cute! Love you little Nessa! Aunt J

Billy said...

I can't believe it has been a full month!

Anonymous said...

Just a warning, but it's VERY dangerous for babies to sleep in their carseats as it effects their breathing and has been the cause of many infant deaths. I know you'd never knowingly do anything to harm your baby, which is why I'm sharing this information with you. It was all over the news, internet, etc many months ago.

He's a beautiful little boy.

Jason & Vanessa said...

Thank you for the info on sleeping in the car seat I didn't realize that!