Sunday, February 28, 2010

Judah's first time in cloth diapers

jason d. via Android


Sarah said...

Your little guy is just a few days older than my nephew. He's about to start the cloth diapers also. What kind did you guys choose? I'm looking to buy some for my other brothers baby due in July but the price on the ones Wyatt will be wearing is outrageous. Trying to get some ideas before I spend a fortune to save my brother an even bigger fortune ;)

Laurie said...

So cute, Vanessa! Oh my gosh, he looks like his sister so much!!

Dana Maize said...

Just had to pop over to your blog and say how much your comment on "It's Almost Naptime" blessed me! (I just came across that blog today.) What an incredible testimony you have. I related somewhat because I've had seven losses through miscarriage, but God has also given us four kids through all that, so we also come from both sides of "give and take away!" Thanks for sharing your story!