Thursday, August 18, 2011

Part 2

My sweet friends Aaron and Karen welcomed their 7th child into the world last week and I was so blessed to get to be there for baby Moriah's birth. Karen and Aaron's love for the Lord and their passion for raising their children in a God glorifying home is a beautiful thing!

Karen just had a natural birth less than an hour before this picture was taken. She is so beautiful and you would have never know she just gave birth by looking at this picture!
Love them!

My sister Brandi and her family just moved back to Texas and I can't tell you how excited I was to get to celebrate her 29th birthday with her.

Kenya picked out the cake and she was so proud of it!

All the "big" kids helped blow out the candles.

Everyone wanted to see what she got!

In and Out opened not too far from our house and I couldn't wait to go eat there! My Step Dad Kevin, Destinee and I all went and it was soooo good. I thought there would be crazy long lines but they were not bad at all. In fact we got our food about 15 minutes after we got there.


and me... we were so excited.

Double double animal style, animal style fries and a chocolate shake YUM!!! If you order their fries the normal way they are just okay but if you get them animal style you will LOVE them!

I think those are all the major events that have happened these past few weeks. Now I can rest easy for a month then blog again... Just kidding I hope to blog more then that.

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