Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sorry it has been so long...

I have not blogged on here in over a month... We have been really busy and I just haven't really felt like it. I have been trying to spend less time online and spend more time taking care of and spending time with my family. It has been hard to find a balance between FB, blogs, adoption stuff and spending time with my family but that is for another post. I am here to catch you up on our lives these past few weeks.

We have been enjoying going to the museum. This is a HUGE light bright and the kids love it. Judah got water all over his clothes in case you were wondering why he is sporting a onsie with no shorts.

Kenya and Judah LOVE the light room. 

This was one of Judah's favorite things to do. 

Kenya and Isabel were cracking Angela and I up. They wanted to be behind the rope not in front of it. Normally I would be all worried about Kenya breaking the rules but I didn't really care that day.. My bad... I know... 

Here they go again sneaking back there.

These two can not hang out when they are older...

Destinee and I took a one day road trip to get the last of the papers for the dossier apostilled. 
We had a blast together! 

We couldn't figure out where the building was after we parked so we used the GPS on my phone.

We made it... Overall it went well. We had to get a few things redone but our completed dossier is not at our agency awaiting approval... once they look over it they will send it to Eastern Europe... hopefully soon.

We decided to give ourselves a tour of the capital notice it in Dee's glasses??? Okay it is kinda hard to see  but still a cool picture... 

Funny story... Destinee and I wanted to eat somewhere that could only be found in Austin so she said we should go to Chuy's. I was all for it. Well as it turns out the food wasn't all that great and there are at least 3 pretty close to our houses haha.

We went through a few super hard weeks with Judah. I loved him but he was so hard to watch. He was into everything and wouldn't listen to anything we said. I am happy to report he is doing much better now and is a joy to be around. This picture was taken during those few hard weeks.

Here I am getting ready to mail off our dossier!!! 

We went to the lake with a few of our friends and had so much fun just hanging out and reconnecting. 

Over the years a few of our friends from this "group" of friends have moved out of state and we miss them so much. Curt and Mandy came for a visit and it was so great to hang out with them for a few hours.

Judah getting ready to give his future wife Aubrey a kiss. He is three days older than her.  

I had the amazing opportunity of being the stand in Dad for a very dear friend of mine. Her husband had no  choice but to leave for work during her labor so I came and took his place for a few hours. It was such a neat experience getting to help her through the pains of labor. The hospital even let me catch the baby and Laura let me cut the umbilical  cord. Both of those things have been life long dreams of mine and I never thought I would get to do either of them.

Sweet baby Anya was almost named after me but I lost the coin toss...

Kenya is getting so big. I am doing school with her and she is loving it! 

This is part one of me trying to fill y'all in on our lives these past few weeks.

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