Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life is good

So I wanted to write this super long post with every single detail of our lives but I just don't have time so instead I will give you all a quick update with lots of pictures. 

Anton is doing amazingly well! He is handling his feeds through the g-tube great and is the easiest kid ever. He has slept through the night since day one and he hardly ever cries. He is only on pain medicine for dressing change but other than that he hasn't needed any. 

Kenya and Judah LOVE him and they have done so good being gentle with him. They are having a hard time adjusting though. I know they are confused because I was here then gone then here then gone again and now their brother is here so it's understandable, but I am so ready for them to not test us on EVERYTHING. It will take time, I know, but I just wanted to be real with y'all sometime it is hard not because Anton is hard but because Judah and Kenya are giving us such a hard time. We will find a new groove and I can't wait for that to happen. 

We enrolled Kenya and Judah in a Mothers Day Out program two days a week so when Anton is doing Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy they can be at "school" having fun. We are also having a nurse come out three times a week to help with dressing changes. Today was their first time to come and it went pretty good. Jason and I have gotten into a great routine and we work really well together during dressing change so it was strange to have to tell the nurse what to do when I am use to Jason being there and knowing what to do. I'm sure after some time the nurse will also know what to do, and she was helpful... it was just a little strange for me. I know after some time I will love having a nurse here to help.

Okay I think you are kinda caught up... And now for the pictures.

Here is Anton right before we left the hospital beside all of the stuff we had at the hospital. We pretty much moved in then Patrice, Courtney and Anita brought us a ton of stuff so we had quite the load to take home. All of it was much needed and we were thankful to have it.

Here I am right before we left, I couldn't wait to get out of there. 

Kenya was so happy I was FINALLY home!

Anton LOVES playing in his highchair.

Watching Anton and Judah play and interact with each other makes me so happy. They are so cute together and they LOVE being together.

Rocking the grouchy face.

We have been bandaging Anton's hand less and less in hopes that we would be able to leave his fingers out without him hurting them too much, and we were able to do it yesterday! He has gotten a few small blisters on his fingers but has done great with having them out. We put soft gloves on his hands at night because we don't want him rubbing his face with the gauze that is on his hands and that has also worked really well.

This is his favorite toy from Courtney and Anita. 

We had tornado warnings yesterday so we put the kids in the tub to wait it out and they all did great.

Kenya and her cousins finding bugs in the backyard.

These boys are just too cute!

That's all for now.


Angela said...

Soooo happy that things are going so well. The boys look so sweet together. What a blast! You can tell they will be the best of friends. So glad for your family that everyone is finally together and able to ENJOY! You took this sweet little blessing into your heart and I'm so thankful he has you guys! Just thinking of him without a family.....hurt so bad. God Bless You! You've given him a great life. He's beautiful! :-)

Glitter Madchen said...

So glad you are getting settled at home. The pictures of Anton and Judah, especially the hand holding one, make my heart happy. I followed Anton's story from the first time Patrice mentioned him. God Bless you for doing what needed to be done to get that boy to his rightful home!

Anonymous said...

Vanessa, love your post very much :))
Judah and Kenya and Antoshka are the sweetest siblings in the world.
The picture with the kids in the bath tub is priceless!
I truly hope your visiting nurse will be a reliable companion during such important procedures.
Thank you for keeping us updated very much!
Admire you and Jason. Praying for you every day.
New York, NY

Anonymous said...

Jason and Vanessa!
Thanks a lot to your family for everything that you do for Anton! You are fine parents! God grant to you forces, patience and good luck!

With the best regards, Julia, Siberia, Russia

sveta said...

What are the you're amazing! As Antosha is well with you, we are very happy for you all!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I've been so anxious to see how Anton is doing! I love the pics with him and his brother. So happy for you all. It must be quite the adjustment, though. Thinking about you all and wishing you strength.

Heather Bogolyubova

Anonymous said...

Judah and Anton together are soooo stinking cute!!! Glad you are home and everything is going pretty well! Thanks for posting an update!


Frozen Tundra Mother of3 said...

Are you able to get him to sleep inba crib yet or not?? I am very happy that things are going good.. :)

Ry and Ren said...

So happy you are home and everyone is doing well. Love the pictures of the boys. So sweet!

Janine (txmomx6) said...

Thanks so much for the update and the pictures .... I imagine you are busier than you expected. :)
So happy for your family .... God is good.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Kenya & Judah got their mom back home! God bless your family.

Liz said...

LOVE the pictures & update!

Anonymous said...

You are just GORGEOUS and your kids are just PRECIOUS !!!!!!!!

Laura A said...

Happy Easter, Delgados! SO glad you are all home together. Continuing to pray for all of you as you make adjustments and take care of Anton. May God continue to bless you!

Laura (for Team A)