Monday, April 30, 2012

Movie Monday

On our second trip to Russia, Anton had a book that played a song with his name in Russian. We thought it was so cute but we didn't realize it is a famous Russian nursery rhyme. Once we got home with Anton several people sent us the link to "Anton's" song on Youtube and we normally listen to it at least once a day. Kenya, Judah, and Anton all love this song!

Here is Anton dancing to and singing his song.

Here is a video of Kenya singing Anton's song to him during dressing change.

Here is his song if you want to hear the whole thing and see the cute little story.


Anonymous said...

So cute! I would love to know the translation of this little song!

Aunt J!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! Kenya did a GREAT job singing that song!!! My 2 yr. old son watched the movie with Kenya 100 times! He is russian and he knows that song, but he loved how Kenya is singing!!! FABULOUS!

sveta said...

Antosha attaboy! So cute! And Kenya is the clever girl! She has a kind heart!

angelika said...

WOW ! These shining eyes, this sweetest " pum-pum " - what a pure bliss!!
Antosha such a joyous child, despite a serious illness..
BTW, what if you try- Judah will sing "tili-tili" , Kenya "trali-vali", Anton "Param-pam-pam ", could be fun:)
Thant you for these amazing movie mondays!

ha, i brought this musical book to him in Moscow:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, adorable! Love how Kenya sings it too! I was thinking to send you this cartoon but figured you must have it by now, with all the friends you have from Russia now :) - MI

Kelly said...

Love your families story. Anton is precious!

Anonymous said...


Please post it on Anton's Facebook page!
Kenya is singing as if she were native Russian. Great!:)))


Anonymous said...

Somewhat of a translation could be found here in the bottom of the page. Pretty accurate. - MI

angelika said...

Vanessa, may i show you one more "Antons-song" ? :)
Short pre-story. From my easy hand now many Antons friends call him - Cheburasha:) "Hi, Angie! how is our sweet Cheburasha doing? Any news? What can i do for him?" - i had a ton of these letters in my mail.
Cheburashka is a very beloved in Russia cartoon character , a symbol of absolute cutiness. Just take a look - little pretty face , big eyes , charming funny ears, gentle voice. Anton!))
So, here is this song. In english , original- in russian, also some info and cartoons. Hope you and kids will enjoy!
PS/ I won't be never tired to thank for love and care, you give to precious Antosha- cheburasha:)!