Friday, November 30, 2012


Sometimes I hate coming up with names for my posts so today it just gets a date.

Anton is talking a lot. He is now saying some 5 word sentences which is a big deal! My favorite thing lately is to listen to Anton and Judah talk to each other. Judah will bring Anton a toy and ask him if he wants to play with it then Anton will answer him and they just carry on this cute little conversation. Anton also likes to correct Judah. He will tell him "Judah Adoniram don't say that" or in a whiny voice he will say "no Judah no." Judah LOVES Anton and within the past few days they seem to have gotten closer to each other. They are always together and really love playing with each other. Judah will just play and play with him and he always calls him "my Anton" He will say "Mommy My Anton needs a cup" or "My Anton wants to sit at the table" Their bond is growing stronger and stronger and I know they are going to be the best of friends.

Here are some cute things Anton has said lately:

I asked Judah and Anton if they wanted to watch Cars and Anton said "yes yes I so excited."

A few days ago I was holding Anton when he leaned over put his cheek up to mine and gave me a huge hug we stayed like that for about a minute and then Anton said "Mommy I so happy." It was the sweetest moment ever and it made me cry!

Anton is also really good at remembering peoples names. The last time we were in the hospital we had a nurse the first day we were there and she didn't come back for several days but once she came back and walked in the room Anton said "Hi, Rachael." We were both shocked he remembered her name.

We were teaching Kenya the Lords prayer for Sunday school and within a few weeks Anton had learned most of it just by listening to me teach it to Kenya.

Oh and one more crazy cool thing he did. My nephew Blake was talking to Anton and he pointed to the word you on his shirt and he said Anton what does this say and with out missing a beat Anton says "you." We all just looked at each other like "he did not just do that." So the next day I typed out the word you and sure enough Anton knew what it was. He only knows that word and his name but I still thought that was amazing.

He is so happy and content and such a joy to be around. I sure do love my boy!

I hope you guys have a great weekend!

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Blevins Family said...

Brandon and I were so moved when we got to see y'all and meet Anton. He is such a sweet, precious angel. We will continue to pray for him and for your entire family.