Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Amelia and Allison/ UPDATE

UPDATE: I am crying my eyes out as I type this, God is so faithful and so good. They were able to successfully separate Amelia and Allison. She hasn't update their website yet but keep checking it if you want to hear more updates! 

Hey guys I just wanted to stop by and ask for prayer for Amelia and Allison Tucker. They are in surgery right now to be separated. I can't imagine the emotions their family is experiencing but I know that God is so faithful. 

Here is their website if you want to check for updates. Their Mom Shellie said she wont post update until after the surgery is over and they get to see the girls.

Thank you all for praying for these sweet babies!  

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Jenny Barson Art said...

As a proud older sister to two beautiful and amazing formerly conjoined twins, (they were conjoined at the head) I am particularly touched by this story. I am going to forward this to my mother so that she can reach out to this family. Thank you so much for posting this!!