Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013

The only thing they found on the mri was Anton's lymph nodes right around his hip are very swollen. They are hoping with a round of antibiotics the swelling will go down and his leg will stop hurting. His leg was hurting him a lot today so they changed some of his pain meds hoping it would help. 

Anton's iron was low so he got a blood transfusion yesterday. About an hour into it he spiked a high fever and they weren't sure if it was from the transfusion or infection. They gave him ibuprofen and his temperature came down pretty quickly. They finished the transfusion and he did great.  They wanted the iron in his blood to be at a 12 and it was 7 when they started today it was at 11 so that is great. They will recent his levels on Monday to make sure they stayed up over the weekend so hopefully he will just need one transfusion.

Despite being in the hospital and despite Anton being in pain his joyful attitude continues to amaze me. I sure do love this son of mine!

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