Monday, July 1, 2013

Swallow Study Update

Anton had a repeat swallow study done today and it went great. He can now have ANYTHING he wants by mouth as long as it is thicker than honey. We are so excited and so thankful for how far Anton has come.

Kenya and Judah are both playing indoor soccer and Papa T is their coach. They both had their first games last Saturday and we had so much fun watching them!

Anton had 2 corneal abrasions in June and it was AWFUL. We took him to the eye doctor for the first time ever which went pretty good. Anton wouldn't open his eyes but the doctor was super nice and treats several EB kids in the area. We have a good plan in place so hopefully he wont get anymore corneal abrasions.

Happy Monday Y'all! :)


Anonymous said...

Vanessa, your kids are simply adorable. Love-love-love the pictures. SO happy for Anton. Will pray to God that whatever he eats digests well with no irritations to his stomach! Thank you for your updates.

Kellye said...

Oh, I LOVE you hair!!!! So cute and sassy!!! And it's so great to hear how well Anton is doing. Prayers continue from Houston for you and your beautiful family!