Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jamming with Scottie

I haven't talked a lot about Jason on here so let me just start out by saying I have the BEST HUSBAND EVER! Jason is always there for me. He has helped me out so much with this pregnancy I know I could not even begin to name all the things he has done but I will try to name a few. In the 1st trimester I was a crazy person when it came to eating if I wanted soup from Chili's that's all I wanted and nothing else would do. Let me just say looking back I was very selfish and demanding but my sweet husband did everything he could to make me happy with in reason. If I was just being ridiculous he would tell me in the kindest way possible. Now that I'm getting bigger and feeling the weight he has taken over with Kenya when he is home he plays with her reads her books and just loves on her (he has always done those things he just does then a lot more now). If we are out running around he puts her in the car and gets her out he also keeps her entertained while we are in the store. I love watching them together! Now on to my husbands musical talent. Jason can play ANY instrument you put in front of him. I think my favorite thing to listen to him play is the guitar. God has blessed him with many talents and he is so humble about them all. I love bragging on my Husband but really all the glory needs to go to God for creating Jason and making him the way he is! I love you babe!

Ok these pictures are of Scott and Jason Jamming.
They sound really good together but it's really loud so I couldn't stay in there for too long!

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