Tuesday, August 26, 2008

our twins and our Hope

Hello everyone,

Jason and I wanted to send an e-mail out and let all of you know about the changes we are getting ready to go through as a family. As most of you know I was planning on having a home birth using a midwife we were really excited about doing this but God had a different plan. God has always been so faithful to take care of us!

We went to the midwives office on August 12th for our first sonogram I was already 19 weeks and we couldn't wait to see our baby. Jason, Destinee, Kenya, my Mom (and of course myself) were all there. Kenya was so cute she kept saying "baby mommy belly" I think she understood that the baby on the TV was the baby in my belly. As the sonogram guy Kevin was doing the sonogram I kept seeing another head so I ask, "Is that another head?" Kevin said, "Yes." I said, "We are having twins?" he said "Yes". We were all so excited! I remember saying, "I have always wanted twins" and Dee kept saying "Your having twins!"

He kept measuring one of the babies brains and then said, "I'm going to go get your midwife and show her this". Everyone was so excited and I remember saying, "I'm not going to be excited until he says that the other baby is ok." because he hadn't said anything about the other baby. So they both came back into the room and he was showing her the heads and then he started looking at their stomach and the midwife said, "Vanessa, it looks like their conjoined." I started crying for a few minutes and then the Lord just comforted me I remember saying, "Well, these are our babies and we are going too take care of them and love them no matter what." I also remember saying, "I am so thankful that God gave us these babies and not someone who wouldn't take care of them."

Kevin kept doing the sonogram getting measurements and started explaining to us how twins become conjoined. Their measurements looked good they were both measuring at 19 weeks. At this point all we knew is that they are facing each other and are joined from their chests to about their belly buttons. We knew they had their own bladders but it looked like they shared a heart. Our midwife told us that she would make an appointment with the specialist hopefully by Friday.

We ended up getting an appointment almost a full week later on August 18th, I'm pretty sure this was the longest week of my life! The Lord was so faithful though I really felt like He was preparing me my whole pregnancy for this. I just started having such a huge heart for special needs kids like never before. I remember praying a few times asking the Lord to be glorified if He chose to give us a kid with special needs. So I was ready to hear the news but of course at the same time I was blown away by it.

So now its Monday the 18th and we got to see the specialist. First his sonogram tech came in and was taking all the measurements of their heads, legs things like that. So we talked to her for a while in the ten years she had been doing sonograms this was only the second set of conjoined twins that she had ever seen (and the first set of conjoined twins she saw that morning). She was really sweet she had no clue how we were holding it together and we told her that is was the Lord. We knew He was the one forming them in my womb and that He would be glorified through this.

So then the doctor came in and started doing his measurements he began to explain to us where they were conjoined and he told us that they shared a liver which wasn't a big deal but that they also shared a heart so we would not be able to separate them. We said ok we were already prepared to hear that I had already been thinking all week about the stuff I could invent for them to play in so they wouldn't always be laying down. Then he started explaining more about their heart; it only had one ventricle which wasn't enough for one baby let alone two. He said I would most likely have a miscarriage but if I did make it to full term that they wouldn't live long after birth because their chest cavity was underdeveloped which meant that they lungs most likely wouldn't develop. So he said whenever I went into labor they would deliver the babies by csection hand them to us and let us hold them until they passed on. I couldn't believe it I asked him a few questions then lost it. I was still comforted in knowing that God was in control but no parent wants to ever hear that.

So that's what is going on with us. Oh I forgot to tell you all we are having identical twin girls named Madison Hope and Melody Joy.

We are so excited about our babies and are just fully trusting the Lord Jesus Christ, He is ur hope. We know that His ways are far better than ours and He is completely sovereign over all things! This did not surprise Him, He allowed it to happen, and even ordained it to happen, this is His will,... for our good and for His glory and we are just so thankful that He gave us these babies! For some that last sentence may be controversial, confusing, radical, or even erronious, but we are convincenced from the Bible that they are absolutely true, even though some of them may be hard to swallow, and I find more comfort in the truth of God (even when it is hard) than any false comfort man can provide.

So with this trial we are currently in we invite you to keep up with our blog as we will continue to post updates about the twins and even wrestle with some hard questions which may challenge some, but I believe it is a challenge for the best. We'll wrestle with questions like:
- Why do bad things happen to good people? (The problem of evil)
- Why pray if God is in control? And whose prayers does God hear?
- How can God use suffering (or allow evil) for His glory?
- Who is ultimately responsible for this? God or Satan?
- Is their comfort in knowing God knew this would happen, and yet He did not stop it?
- Why Christ Jesus is worth more than any earthly treasure.

As times goes on I may re-phrase these questions as I think and study more through these issues but we will see.

Also, please feel free to comment on this and ask us any questions you may have, regarding the babies or the Bible or whatever.

For now we just ask that you pray:

The immediate prayer requests

1) God would be glorified through all of this no matter what the outcome is
2) That God would heal the babies heart and that it would be strong enough to work for both of these babies
3) That their chest cavity would be fully developed and that their lungs would be fully developed and that our babies would be able to breath
4) That I would not go into pre-term labor
5) Wisdom for the doctors during my pregnancy and the birth of our babies
6) Wisdom for us, because of some hard ethical decision we may have to make in the future concerning the twins
7) We would be bold witness' for Christ during this time!

We love you all and will keep you updated.

Soli Deo Gloria!

The Delgado's (Jason, Vanessa, Destinee, Kenya, Melody & Madison)


Stephanie Morales said...

Hey guys, love the new blog format. I'm so glad you decided to do this. I've had lots of people ask about you and now I'll pass along your website. Glad you decided on the 2nd opinion. Keep us all updated. Love you! Steph & the gang

Stephanie Rohloff said...

Jason and Vanessa! I can't imagine how hard this time must be, but at the same time to see how the Lord is working in such great and unique ways in your life, how breathtaking that must be! I know that many more doors will open and many lives will be changed by the faith He has instilled in you both. Madison and Melody are so very loved and I pray that they get to see many days of this love here on Earth...Of course, they will get to see an eternity of it with our Father in Heaven...whenever that day may be.

How glorious it will be to go and see the Father face to face and hear of how He heard the cries and prayers of his children...He is Here! He is listening, and the Holy Spirit is groaning for you! I know it, and believe it to be true, the Lord is our God and He will not let you or your precious little ones go!

Fish with Trish said...

Love you guys a ton! You know all of us at Sovereign Joy are here for you.

walueg said...

I think my comment didn't make it because of my open ID thing.

I'm so sorry for all this. I agree fully that the Lord will be glorified in some way we don't understand and that your good is on his mind. Even so, he loves you and grieves with you in all this. I'm reminded that Jesus wept before Lazarus's tomb because of his death and all that implies even as he raised him from the dead. He is just as sad at this. He collects your tears in his bottle.

I pray his comfort for you and that he will work mightily on your behalf.


The McCulloch's said...

Hey Jason and Vanessa,
We just want to hug you guys right now so much...I can't begin to understand what must be racing through your minds, but we will be praying that Jesus takes captive every thought and that He gives your hearts rest in the midst of this.

I love your baby girls names! Madison Hope, and Melody Joy! They just make me smile!

The Lord is certainly greater than the circumstances, and we will certainly pray with you...I think a second opinion is a good thing to have...

You two are so precious to us! We love you and your sweet baby girls.

praying Psalm 40 for ya'll...and meditating upon Romans 8:18-39...

We love ya'll!
chris and sara

The McCulloch's said...

PS - I am so curious to hear about these toys you have been dreaming up! ;) I love how you think, Vanessa!...You complete me... heehee

Lindsay said...

Vanessa! Valerie gave me the link to your blog - hope that's okay :) WOW - what a story - I am believing with you guys that God is bigger then any circumstance or health problem!! I will be praying for your sweet little girls :) BTW- Kenya is a doll!

Love ya-
Lindsay Hill

Nicole said...

I am so blessed by how God is giving you strength in your time of need, isn't He so faithful. I know that God will receive glory from the lives of Melody and Madison! I love them! And our family is praying for yours! May the truth of God's word be magnified in your lives through this trial. Love the Volmers

The Sappington's said...

We love you guys and we are here for you every step of this journey...

eqdj said...

Woo-hoo! That's what this fallen world needs is more Delgados!

Our great God and Saviour has entrusted you with His daughters, Madison and Melody, knowing that you would bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

I rejoice with you knowing He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation.

The Blythe Blog said...

Sara gave me the link to your blog. I am her Auntie Apryl and met you at church in Cali last December. I wanted to let you know I'm on the list of those praying for Madison and Melody, for you two, and for the doctors. God's miracles take many forms, and life and death have different values to Him than to us. His glory is the ultimate goal, so I ask for that, and for His tender mercies on your dear little family as you take this journey. I can't begin to imagine how difficult each day must be for you, but your amazing words of faith tell me how you are getting through them. I can't wait to see what God will do next. I hold you up to His throne of grace. With love, Apryl McCulloch nanaamc@aol.com

Angelia Carrigan said...

Jason and Vanessa,
Thank you for sharing your lives with us. We are praying for a miracle. We believe our Father loves to show out and all healing points back to Him. We pray Father completely heals these babies for His glory. What a testimony.
On our face for your miracle.
Angelia and David Carrigan

Robert Washington said...

I will be praying for your family. I hope all goes well. I will be keeping up with the blog.

Bobbi-Lyn Dawson said...

Hello Vanessa,
My name is Bobbi-Lyn Dawson and I work with your Mom, Rose, at Varsity. She passed along your blog. My husband and I both read it last night and cried together...we have a happy,healthy 5 month old, so it really pricked our hearts. However, we are believing and praying with you! Our God is STILL capable of miracles and I know from your writing that He is giving you His peace that surpasses all knowledge and understanding. I wanted you to know that we are standing in faith with you here in Nashville, TN. I will also pass this along to my church friends. Last thing...where are you guys located? My best friend is married to a high-risk OB specialist..he delivered my baby..and he is a man of faith! He might be able to find you someone in your area for a second opinion. Sal is very well known throughout the country...he speaks at a lot of conventions and meetings for High Risk OB Specialist...Sal and his partner were the first to ever do invitro laser surgery on a 17 weeks old fetus...so, he is very, very good. I would trust his opinion on finding you someone in your area that might be a better fit, spiritually for you guys. Please let me know if you would like me to look into this for you. You can reach me at bdawson@hiswordmonthly.com.
Love, prayers, and blessing are being sent your way! Bobbi-Lyn Dawson

Glenn Dearborn said...

Hi Jason and Vanessa
I am friend of Stephanie Morales and she passed this webpage onto a group of us on Facebook. I just want to say that your Faith and Trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus is so awe inspiring. I pray as you said that God may be glorified threw this trial. Children are a "Blessing" from God and I truly believe that God heals. I have passed on prayer request for both my church and the church my parents go to and also Christian friends at my work. I pray you stay strong. Sincerely - Glenn Dearborn God Bless you two, your family and the twins.

thewelchblog said...

Wow! I was coming to your blog to thank you for the advice on pacifiers...I certainly didn't expect to be so blessed by your blog! I will definitely be praying for you and your family. Most of all, I will be praying that God be glorified!

Misty said...

I am a friend of your cousin Stephanie who shared your story. Your trust in our Lord and love for your babies is a light shining in the darkness. I will pray for you and the babies He has entrusted to you. He is trustworthy and will carry you through. I will pray that during the good days and the heart wrenching, teary times that His peace will surround and overflow you as it once did me. That you are able to praise Him and honestly seek Him with your questions is already bringing Him glory.

Thank you, Lord, for these precious babies you've blessed them with. May You bring them a doctor who fears you and supports them. May you put your hands on these your little ones and sustain them and their family. To your glory and praise.

Mark Sohmer said...

Hi Jason and Vanessa,

I read about your story over at the "Fish with Trish" blog.

Though we don't know each other, we are family in Christ and I will be praying for you and for precious Melody & Madison (beautiful names, by the way.)

God bless you and your family.

with love in Christ,

Mark Sohmer
a Christian brother in New Hampshire

http://www.myspace.com/fcifuentes28 said...

Like Mark Sohmer, I too found your blog through the Fish with Trish site. Wow, I bursted into tears at work after reading your blog... got to get myself together before someone sees me lol. May the Lord continue to strengthen you both. You have encouraged me greatly!
God bless you!

In Christ,
New York, NY

NYC said...

I was just sent the link to your blog. You guys are amazing! What faithful followers of Christ the both of you are; I am blown away by your story. I will definitely keep you guys in prayer.

Amalia said...

Your blog was just passed on to me and I am so happy to see that GOD is you're rock..your strength. I will pray for GOD's will to be done through out this and for you and your family of course. I am happy that you are my sister in Christ eventhough I don't know you. Your faith is unique! Keep your head up. :)