Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can't be sad when your eating ice cream

Kenya fell and scraped her knee while playing outside.
You would have thought she broke her leg the way she was crying.
I know this should not be that big of a deal but she doesn't get hurt very often so it was really sad. I brought her inside cleaned it out put some band aids on it and you would think that was the end of it.

But she was still very sad.
One of my favorite saying we have in our family is
"you cant be sad when your eating ice cream"
it has proven true time and time again.

She's a happy baby full of sugar. (I know she is a toddler but I'm in denial)


The Sappington's said...

awww. she's such a hoot! :) i like the side profile one of her eating the popsicle.

keep the blogs coming! they are fun to read!

Anonymous said...

I like that saying!!!