Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two trips to the hospital in three days.

I never get tired of hearing Melody and Madison's heart beat.

This past week was a little crazy we went to the hospital twice both times because I thought I was in labor.

My mucus plug came out on Saturday which is normally a sign that labor will follow shortly after. So we went to the hospital as far as they could tell everything was fine and we would just have to wait to see what me body did. We just needed to go home and relax. That was good news!

Then I woke up on Tuesday morning to some pretty strong contractions and a lot of pressure. I waited for a few hours to see if it would get any better, but it got worse so Jason came home early from work and took me to the hospital. I was sure I was in labor but once again they said that everything was fine I just needed to take it easy. Of course that was after being there for about four hours. I didn't mind though we got to hear the babies heart beat the whole time.

Our doctor informed us that all the pressure and contractions were from all the extra amniotic fluid that comes with carrying twins. I was so thankful that I wasn't in labor and everything was fine with the babies.

So now I'm on bed rest. Please be praying that I don't waste this time that the Lord has given me to just be still. That I would use this time to study and learn more about the Lord and not become distracted with all the things of the world. Also be praying that my body wont produce too much amniotic fluid I'm not exactly sure why but I know it's not a good thing if you have too much.

Thanks for keeping up with our family. We go back to the doctor on the September 19th so I hope to have more details about the babies at that time.


Vanessa D


Stephanie Rohloff said...

Wow, we are praying and we love you! BTW, I love the belly shot gallery...just way too cute!

Stephanie Morales said...

I do love watching that belly grow :) I'm so glad you already had decided to stop working. Do you have help with Kenya while being on bed rest? Wish we were closer to help!

Jason and Vanessa said...

Stephanie R,
Thank you we love you guys and I had fun talking to you today.
Stephanie M,
We have tons of help. But we would love it if we all lived closer to each other. We love y'all and look forward to seeing you guys soon I hope!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa,
Prayers are coming your way from Hershey Pa!! I found your blog from Trisha's site. Your story has really moved on my heart to be in prayer for you as I too have experienced being pregnant with complications. It is true that it is a blessing to see your little one on the ultrasound every chance you get....God, in His infinite wisdom gave my husband and I six days in the hospital to watch our baby boy Elijah on ultrasound several times before God took him home in my fifth month of pregnancy. God's gace and kindness can be seen through the way you guys are going through this time, trusting in Him and desiring Him to be glorified. Thank you for sharing this story with us so we can be in prayer with you....i too LOVE the belly pics...VERY creative!! ~~~Angela

Morningstar College and Young Adults said...

Hey sweet friend,
just wanted to say thanks for the update. We love you guys a ton...I laughed when I heard ya'lls reactions to the news of the twins...and I especially loved it when Destiny said "You did it! (referring to you making them)"...priceless!

Bed rest, huh...we are praying for you are such a blessing, and strong woman in the Lord.

Can I just say that the Romans 5 scripture has been the theme of our world this year! I have been clinging to that scripture so much...God is certainly a God of Hope.

We love you, and wish so much we could be there with you! hug each other for us! And two thumbs up for the belly shots...I love them!!

Chris and sara

Juan and Lorena said...

Hello Jason and Vanessa-
We just wanted to let you know that we and the spanish service are praying for you all. Truly, you are such a blessing and strong children of God. We love you guys and please keep us updated.
Romans 8:37-39
Juan and Lorena Sotelo

Anonymous said...

What a precious family. You guys are truly an inspiration.

~Charlotte Cleveland