Friday, January 30, 2009

Please Pray for Anna and Emma (conjoined twins)

Please be praying for the Wright family. Brandt and Paige found out when she was 18 weeks pregnant that they were having conjoined twins. She had three sonograms before this and had no clue that they were having conjoined twins.

Paige and I have been talking through emails, she is such a sweet person and loves the Lord. I copied this off of their cares page so you can know a little more about their girls:

MRI of Anna on the left and Emma is on the right about to suck her thumb.

"On Tuesday of this week, Paige and I went to visit her obstetrician in hopes of discovering the sex of the baby that we are scheduled to have on May 2. With Paige being almost 18 weeks into the pregnancy and having had three prior ultrasounds, we were shocked to discover that we are pregnant with conjoined twins. Not knowing anything about conjoined twins, we walked away from that visit understanding that there is basically one body in Paige’s womb with two heads.

The next day we had a level two ultrasound at Children’s Medical Center to learn more about the state of the pregnancy. It was amazing to see clearly that there are actually two conjoined, identical baby girls in Paige’s womb. The babies are connected from the shoulders to the hips. There are two perfectly formed heads sitting atop a fused torso. Within the fused torso, there are two spines, two hearts, two sets of lungs, more than two kidneys, one bladder, one liver, and one gastrointestinal track. The babies share two arms, one pelvis, two legs, one set of genitalia, and one rectum.

The survival rate for conjoined twins is extremely low. Fifty percent of all conjoined twins are stillborn, and the overall survival rate of conjoined twins is less than 25 percent. Given that our babies’ hearts are actually fused together, that one heart shows signs of significant malformation, and that separating the twins is not a possibility, the projected survival rate for our babies is even lower."

The doctors are saying that their girls are not going to make it. Please please be praying for Paige, Brandt and their four year old daughter Sophie. Please be praying for Anna and Emma and whatever the Lords will is for their life.

You can go to their cares page to learn more about the girls. They also have some sonogram pictures up there.

You do have to register first I think all you have to put in it is your name, email address and a password. I promise it is worth the extra minute. Their care page name is AnnaandEmm.

Please take some time to pray for this family and offer them some encouragement.

Paige and Brandt we are praying for you guys. To God be the Glory!


The Delgados


Stephanie Rohloff said...

I am praying! What a blessing it is that you two could meet and pray together and talk!

noahandlylasmommi said...

I will be praying for them

saloma said...

we will be praying. thanks for sharing.