Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tiny Treasures Learning Center - My in home daycare

Hello again blogging world. Sorry it's been so long since my last post things have gotten very busy.

As most of you know I have an in home daycare. After we found out that there was a possibility of me miscarry the babies Jason and I decided that I wouldn't work any more. We wanted to give the babies the best chance we could and we know that me working full time was not an option at that point. So I was on bed rest for about 13 weeks including the time I was resting after Melody and Madison were born. I wasn't sure if I was going to reopen the daycare because we didn't know if the girls would make it or not and we didn't know how I would feel afterward. After thinking about it for awhile I decided that I did want to watch kids again.

I have always LOVED watching kids and I really missed it. So three weeks ago I reopened my in home daycare. This week was my first full week though. I have really enjoyed having a lot of kids in our home again.

Kenya had a hard time at first but is doing much better now. She did not like sharing her toys or her Mom but she is a fast learner and is adjusting well. She loves having a friend close to her age and two babies to help with.

Below is Gabye, she is four. Gabye and Kenya love getting dressed up and having tea parties. Gabye picked out a bow for Kenya and three for herself it was so cute. She is really sweet and
easy going.

Gabye and Kenya are so silly and have so much fun together.

This is Levi, he is almost three months old. Today was his first day and he did great! Kenya loves to give him his bottles and she likes to tell me, "Mommy, he needs his passie." It's so cute she loves to help with both of the babies.

Levi is also a very good sleeper which is so nice.

So this is my life now Monday through Friday: four kids, age four and under. They are not all full time but it's still great practice since Jason and I want a big family. I love taking care of them all and I'm so thankful to be able to watch them! I pray yall have a great day.

Vanessa D


Courtney Kay said...

what cute kids! I would love to do home day care someday

noahandlylasmommi said...

very cute kids! I have thought about doing this... could I email you to ask you some questions about it all?

Jason and Vanessa said...

It's really easy to start an in home daycare please fell free to email me any question that you have.

I'm listed with the state of Texas. Which means I can watch three kids besides my own...