Friday, May 29, 2009

5 weeks 1 day pregnant

Here I am 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant
130 lbs
35 inches around
Notice that nice baby bump I have going???
Well that's left over from the twins ha
but now were calling it my 5 week baby bump :)


EH said...

Your bump is beautiful. 130 lbs... wow, lucky you!

Michelle said...

Eh. You look 5 weeks 1 day...I still look 5 months 1 day. No big. Just take care of that little peanut in there!! SO, SO happy for you!! You are, in fact, glowing my friend!

The Barreness said...

You look beautiful! Congratulations!

Jordan :) said...

I'm so very happy for you!

katie said...

Gosh you're thin. Lucky.
Your bump is adorable :)

Mrs. Crummey said...

I am so very happy for you guys and you look great!!! Congrates!!!

mrSage said...

Hey guys, congratulations! We couldn't be happier for y'all!

V said...

You and Jason were on my mind today and so I pulled up your blog to see how life was going for you. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for your growing family! God has his hands of blessing on you. We will continue to keep you in our prayers!

Mike and Jenny (