Friday, May 29, 2009

Kenya hanging with some of the family

Here is Kenya hanging with her Uncle Toe Toe. Uncle Toe Toe is the one who was updating the blog while I was in labor with the twins.
Kenya having breakfast with her Great Grandma who was giving her WAY too much syrup. It was so funny Kenya would take a bite then say, "Grandma, can I have some more?" Sure enough every time she asked she got more. I just laughed and acted like I had no clue what was going on.
Here is Kenya playing with her Tio, she loves him so much!
And last but not least here is the "Little Boo" (as I love to call her) getting some love from her Auntie Lori. She is pregnant with their (Tio and Lori's) second child due at the end of August. Their first baby, Leonardo Daniel, is in Heaven with his cousins Melody and Madison so if you could please be praying for them as they get ready to welcome their daughter into the world I know they would appreciate it.

Nothing like being loved on for 4 days straight by family you don't get to see very often!

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