Wednesday, August 12, 2009

one year ago today/ 14 week sonogram

One year ago today I was 19 weeks pregnant, my Mom, Destinee, Jason, Kenya and I all loaded up and headed to my midwifes office to have our first sonogram for that pregnancy (see that video here). We couldn't wait to see the baby. I was wondering, "could it be twins???" We were all shocked and surprised to find out that we would not only be having twins but they were conjoined. I wrote more about that here.

Our lives were forever changed that day. Thinking back to everything we went through with the twins it just amazes me that is has already been a year. When I remember that day I remember calling our closest family and friends so excited to tell them we were having twins but then I always had to follow the exciting news with, "but wait we need you to pray because they are conjoined." You see I was so excited to be having twins, I loved my babies. I was also devastated at the news that they may not make it but at the same time I was so proud to be their Mom. I have never had so many emotions run through my head in one day. God has brought us so far in a year.

One year ago it was all I could do to try to breath and not completely have a melt down now a year later we are praising God for the new life He is growing inside of me. We talk about Melody and Madison almost every day. Kenya always talks about her little sisters how much she loves them and how cute they are, she even remembers holding them and singing to them. We have not forgotten them and we never will but God has indeed turned our mourning into dancing (Psalm 30:11).

I want to introduce you to Baby Delgado #4 (yes I realize you have already seen pictures)
Here is the video and pictures from my 14 week appointment enjoy this sweet baby the Lord has blessed us with.


sandy said...

life is so beautiful , loved the vid ..and the song was a perfect choice.. ( who sings that ? )
I'm so thriled for you all..
love ya !!!
in His sevice,

Eva said...

Beautiful.... wishing you many blessings throughout this pregnancy.

Andrea & Jim-Britt said...

Praise the Lord for your sweet little baby!! This is the sweetest thing ever to watch!! Glad baby Delgado #4 is doing great!! Love you!

Staceyann said...

So amazing! God is so good. How you anyone kill something so precious and beautiful as that. So happy for you both! Love, Staceyann and Tom

Jason and Vanessa said...


The song is called "To You Be The Glory" sung by Matt Maher & Kari Jobe.

It's on the new "Glory Revealed II" CD:

soli Deo gloria!

jason d.

Tricia Welch said...

Praise God for a healthy baby! We are looking forward to watching it grow and grow and grow!

Kara said...

Wow! What a story. Congratulations on your new baby and on the normal sonogram!