Monday, May 2, 2011

Super Fun Saturday

Saturday started out to be a pretty boring day. We just hung out around the house and didn't really do much of anything. Jason and Judah took a nap while Kenya and I did a whole lot of nothing.

Normally we don't get bored and we don't let Kenya say she is bored but I'm just trying to keep it real... that was not my most favorite Saturday morning ever. Then I remembered there was a garden not too far from our house and a town fest not too far from the garden. After Jason and Judah woke up we started off on our adventure.

Kenya is getting so big! I have really loved watching her learn new things and watching her explore the world around her.

Kenya LOVES bugs! She will pick up almost any bug, lizard or frog and I can't stand them but she doesn't know so don't tell her :) 

Proudly posing with her roly poly.

It was almost impossible to get a good picture of Judah because he was on the go the whole time we were there.

This picture is for Austin family proof that Judah is a tree hugger.

I love this!

Me, my girl and her bug. This picture reminds me of what Kenya likes to tell people when they come over... she says, "My Mom and Judah are white and me and my Dad are brown." It is so cute!

And again for the Austin family Kenya is also a tree hugger.

Judah is all boy!

We were driving away from the garden and Jason spotted the coolest playground EVER.
Kenya loved climbing on this spider web.

Judah enjoyed hanging out at the top of the slide. 
Really, he enjoyed it although you can't tell by the look on his face. 

He finally slid down with his sister.

Kenya is telling me what to write for this picture:
"Kenya pushing Judah. I wanted to push Judah so bad when I was little I was going to push him but I was going to be too scared but I'm not scared I'm going to push Judah and my Dad is going to push me so fast and he can push me so so high and it's really scary, that's it."

Kenya is telling me what to write for this one too:
"My Dad is pushing me, that's it."

Jason trying to get Judah to slide down.

Kenya climbing across the spider web. Notice the guy taking a picture of his son.

Jason saw this picture and said why is he taking a picture of Kenya? I said he's not he is taking a picture of his son, see.... Oh wait, his son is not in the shot... weird...

This climbing thing was so cool!

Judah loves to climb on EVERYTHING!

After we left the garden we headed to the town fest and we had a BLAST. This was the first time Kenya was tall enough to ride alot of rides and she was a lot more brave than I thought she was going to be. She loved this ride and it went super fast.

This ride went up and down while going in a circle and the whole time she was saying, "This is Toothless, my pet dragon."

This slide was fun...

But this one was awesome!

Jason and Kenya went first and they went so fast. I took her next and I'm not sure what I did wrong but on the way down we stopped several times because we were going too slow... my bad...

My favorite part of the day...


We had so much fun on our family day! 
Thank you to the grandparents for giving us money for the kids for Easter, we took them out on the town and had a SUPER FUN day! 

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