Friday, February 24, 2012

EB and adoption.

I am part of an EB community on FB and I have learned a TON about EB from that group. There are several families who have adopted their EB children so we have a separate group to support each other.  One of the Moms Trisha already has a son with EB and they were in the process of adopting a boy named Seth who also has EB. She flew to meet him for the first time a few weeks ago and well things did not end as they had hoped. Please go read her update and pray for their family. I bawled like a baby reading what happened. I know her family could really use all the love and support they can get right now. HERE is the post. 


Anonymous said...

Broke my heart when I read Trisha's post this morning. Had been praying for the Knuths and Seth. So grateful she was able to spend time with him and taught him to play like a little boy. Also glad she was able to share her love for him at the hospital.

Praying for your family and your little one waiting to come home.

Kim M
Waterford, MI

The Pelhams said...

so sad! Praying for this family! What happened with the Gotcha Day counter, it was down to 16 days yesterday and now it has 20!? Can't wait to see pics of sweet Baby A as your family!!

heather Bogolyubova said...

Hi Vanessa-
I am writing you to tell you of a little EB boy in Russia who is in need of adoption. He is one year old. I know that you have just been blessed with a new child, but I am hoping that you can please spread the word for this boy throughout the EB community. His name is Neal and he has a profile on Reece's Rainbow. I am not the mother of an EB child but my heart is breaking for this one. I'm trying to spread the word to the people who I think can help him the best. Thank you so much.

Jason and Vanessa said...

I am so so sad for them.

The Pelhams, now to answer your question... We can take him on the 12th which would be our Gotcha Day but we decided to wait until the day before I fly home with him to get him out of the hospital. I pushed the counter back to the date I will take him from the hospital instead of the date I could have taken him. Hope that makes since.

Anonymous said...

so very sad BUT so glad he did not pass alone but with someone there who loved him so much.