Friday, February 3, 2012

Today was a good day.

  • Today was a great day! First we went to court and Jason was able to explain to the judge why we want to adopt a child with special needs. He did a great job! I don't believe the judge hates us or is trying to make us work harder for no reason but I believe maybe we didn't fully convince her that we are ready to take on the care of Baby A so she is just going through this extra step so that she can be sure we are ready. We are by no means upset or discouraged about having to get the psych evaluations done. In fact our psych evaluations went really good and were kinda fun
     We will have court on Tuesday and come home on Wednesday. I'm thinking I wont blog over the next few days just because we are so busy it is hard to keep up with it. Everything is fine and we are doing really really good. I am working on a post about why I respect the process to adopt from Eastern Europe and I can't wait to finish it. 
    Love you all! 


Anonymous said...

I really liked this post, your post from yesterday didn't discourage me at all. This post just confirmed to me how good you guys are for Baby A. Patience is a God thing! Enjoy the rest of the stay and can't wait to read about it. Blessings,ML

Speechless said...

Thanks for the update! Enjoy your weekend together. I hope you get to spend some more time with Baby A. I'm glad the evaluations went well today.


Wissam said...

Good luck for you, I hope the adoption get well, don't worry a random reader I clicked next blog XP

Kristen said...

Still praying for you guys! Hope court went well today! Can't wait for an update. <3 And prayers from Indiana!