Thursday, September 20, 2012

Anton is doing Great!

Anton is doing great!

They were able to place his central line without any problems (well other than the fact they couldn't really secure it). Once he got back up to the room Jason, two nurses and myself all brain stormed and figured out a way to secure it a little better. Hopefully it will stay in for the rest of our hospital stay.

The staff here has been amazing and have (for the most part) done a great job of listening to my dos and do nots for EB. I am the only one who takes his temp., moves him, changes his diaper and every nurse that comes in has to ask me before they do anything, even at night. I'm pretty tired at this point but it's worth it to keep Anton safe.

Now don't get me wrong the staff here is amazing and I have grown very close with some of them, it's just hard because they are use to doing things one way and they just can't do the things they normally do with Anton. So I just stay on top of it. All of the nurses have been very eager to learn about Anton's skin and several of them have personal experience taking care of an EB kid. I can't say enough how much I love this hospital and love the staff.

Anton hasn't had a fever in two days and his infections are looking amazing!!' I'm not sure how much longer we will have to stay but hopefully we will be going home soon. I miss Jason, Kenya and Judah a TON and I can't wait till we're back together in our house. I can't complain though because every time I do I am flooded with the thought that right now in this hospital there are many, many kids fighting for their lives. We have so much to be thankful for and I hope we never forget. If you guys could be praying for a friend of two of my friends, their son went to be with Jesus yesterday. My heart breaks for their family.

I was able to take Anton outside for the first time yesterday and he LOVED it. It is finally cooling off in Texas and I'm pretty sure we will be playing outside everyday. I can't think of anything else to say except thank you all for loving and praying for our boy! God is so faithful and is so so good to us no matter what!


sveta said...

Dear Antosha, we believe in you! You're a fighter and a winner! No illness will break you! Get well!

Another Texas Family said...

Hi Delgatos! We're another RR adoptive family and I read your blog a while back when you were adopting Anton (as we were adopting our little girl at the same time from Ukraine). This weekend I went to a ladies retreat and met some friends of yours there--Tricia and Flora. When they found out about our daughter being adopted through RR, they started telling me about your family, which I knew sounded very familiar!! Such a small, small world! Hopefully our paths will cross one day!