Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anton is in the Hospital

It's amazing how fast things can change.

September 6th Anton had a great day. We had a very special visitor come all the way from Russia to meet him. We laughed and played and had a great time. September 7th I took Anton to the GI because he was having some issues with feeding. She put him on new meds to help his stomach empty a little faster (he was throwing up cause his stomach was holding the food in too long.) That night he had a fever of 102 and wasn't feeling well at all.

September 8th Anton wouldn't open his eyes and cried most of the day.

September 9th Anton still wasn't feeling all that great so Anton and I stayed home from church. At about 4pm I noticed Anton was feeling warm so I took him temperature and it was 104. I packed a bag and we went straight to the ER and have been in the hospital every since.

September 10th his second IV infiltrated and there was no where else they could put one. So they gave him antibiotics through his g-tube hoping they would clear up his infection and we could avoid getting a PICC line. 

September 11th they checked to see if the infection was in his blood and praise God it wasn't.

September 12th Anton's fever broke and his infections were looking a lot better, they were even saying we might get to go home. Then his fever hit 103 again and I knew we were staying.

September 13th his infections were clearing up and he was doing awesome until about 3pm and he went down hill fast. He was in a ton of pian and was thrashing around and couldn't keep still it hurt so bad. He woke up all night screaming even though we were giving him pain meds around the clock. I have never before seen anyone in as much pain as he was in. He wouldn't even let me hold him because it hurt him too much.

September 14th same thing, he was in tons of pain no matter how many meds we gave him. There is nothing like seeing your child in pain and knowing you can't fix it.

September 15th Anton had the biggest poo of his life and was back to his happy little self. Anton went into the O.R. to have a PICC line placed but they couldn't get it in as far as they wanted so he ended up getting a Midline, which is in between an IV and PICC line. The antibiotics they were giving him through his g-tube weren't strong enough so he had to have IV antibiotics.

September 16th Anton was pretty fussy today but overall it was a good day. I went outside today for the first time in five days and I couldn't believe how nice it felt outside!!! Jason and the kids came to see us and a few friends from church. I miss my family but I'm just trying to enjoy my time with Anton. God has always been so faithful to us and we will continue to praise His name. Sorry I didn't update sooner but the Internet hasn't been working very well at the hospital. I am back on Facebook (it's a long story) so you can follow us there or I will try to update on here as much as I can.


The Buchanan Family said...

Praying for Anton and your family!

Anonymous said...

Praying for your family. I hope little Anton is feeling much better soon.

melissa said...

Praying for Anton and for you as his Mom to have the strength to see your baby hurt.
I pray soon you all will be back home, under one roof! :)
Bless you all!

Unknown said...

I am definitely praying for Sweet Anton and your family. I am a friend of Patrice & Matt and that is how I came to follow your story. You have such a calm demeanor and were obviously chosen by God to be Anton's mommy. I am so sorry he had to have this bad weekend but it does sound like he is doing better. Praying for quick healing for your little man!