Friday, March 13, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Work up day 4: While Anton was sleeping he rubbed some of the skin on his nose off and some of the skin on his chin off. Can you imagine rubbing your face at night and your skin just coming off??? Breaks my heart for our sweet boy but I'm so hopeful that with the transplant his skin will hopefully get tougher! Today was pretty easy. Anton had an eye appointment but they didn't do a whole lot to him so it went fairly smoothly, he actually slept through it. Then we came back to our hotel for a little bit before our next appointment. We took the whole family to this one because it was his exit meeting where the doctors go over all the tests from this week and tell us if he is healthy enough for transplant. We are so thankful all of his tests came back normal and Anton is healthy enough for transplant! They went over the schedule of everything and all the meds Anton would be taking. I have heard all of this several times this past week but I was glad they were able to explain it all to Jason because I had forgotten to tell him so much! We have one more doctors appointment on the 18th then they will admit Anton into the hospital on the 19th. He will be in the O.R. that day having his central line placed, pictures taken and I will go in and do a dressing change while he is under. Then after that they will admit him to the bone marrow transplant floor and he will start chemo on the 20th. He will do 5 days of chemo and 1 day of radiation then his transplant will be on the 26th! We are thankful to have a few days off from doctors appointments to enjoy hanging with the family! - March 13, 2015 at 11:15PM

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