Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day -1 Anton got a blood transfusion in the middle of the night last night. It is pretty common at this point in the bone marrow transplant process to get blood, and platelet transfusion until Anton's donor cells have fully engrafted. Radiology was supposed to come at 8 a.m. but came at 7:15 am this morning to get Anton for his radiation. We were still sleeping so I told them they would have to wait while i took Anton potty and got ready. They didn't mind and patiently waited for us to get done. We headed down and the team went over the plan with me. They put Anton to sleep using meds but didn't use a breathing tube! This hospital really does a great job of causing the least amount of trauma possible to Anton. Once he was asleep I left the room and they got to work. Anton got total body radiation at 300 (can't remember what the measurement is called) which is a pretty low dose. He did great through the whole thing, it didn't take very long and did great waking up from anesthesia. Then we came up to the room and played on Anton's floor mat for a while. His booty started hurting so I put him in bed. A little bit later Anton started complaining about his throat hurting and it got worse and worse to the point where he was crying and thrashing around in bed. They said it was probably from the chemo and radiation and he is now on IV pain medication around the clock :( they got his pain under control and then he was happily playing with Ms. Megan. Megan stayed with him so I could take a break which was nice. I came back and his nurse changed his central line dressing. We have tried securing Anton's central line dressing with eb dressings and it doesn't really work, by the next dressing change the top of it is open which isn't great for infection control. So I told them to attach it with Tegaderm and a statlock. It took TONS of convincing because they have never done it on a kid with eb before but I had them do it on me first and showed them how I can get it off with my adhesive remover spray. So they finally agreed to do it the way I wanted :). I am very happy knowing his line is now secure. He is now chilling in bed watching cartoons and happy as can be. His donor is international and the cells are hand carried by someone from that persons country to MN. We found out today that the person bringing the cells flight was delayed. He will not be getting his transplant until tomorrow night or Friday morning. So we might have two days at day 0. Someone left a sweet care package for me at the hospital today and Jason and the other two kiddos got one at the Ronald McDonald House. Thank you guys for being so thoughtful!!! I will keep y'all updated. - March 25, 2015 at 07:14PM

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