Saturday, March 21, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day -5 The chemo they gave Anton yesterday can sit in the bladder and cause a lot of issues so they push fluids for 24 hours and Anton had to go potty every 2 hours for 36 hours. I am sure you can imagine how awful this was with how many times Anton passed out yesterday. We finished up dressing change around midnight and at that point i was so exhausted I let Anton's nurse change his diaper every two hours through the night. I knew I needed sleep if today was anything like yesterday. His nurse did a great job even though I know it was hard on her because he did pass out a few times when she was changing him. So fast forward to today day -5 (we are counting down to the day of transplant which will be day 0 then after that it will be day +1, day +2, ect...). Anton had two screaming fits when he woke up but he didn't pass out... progress! We had some ladies come in today and do some different techniques to help Anton and myself relax. One of them sang to Anton and she had the most beautiful voice. Anton was so peaceful while they were here but towards the end of their time with him he threw up twice (reaction to chemo). I am so thankful Anton is able to tell me in enough time for me to grab something for him to throw up in. They stayed here for a little longer and helped him to relax again. After that Anton was pretty sad that he didn't feel good so he just wanted to lay in bed and watch cartoons. PT came in about an hour later with a toy he loves so he popped up and was ready to play. He played ring toss with them, showed her how he climbed up in his chair, and stood up with her a few times. He did a really great job. Then we played on his floor mat for a little bit longer. After that he took a super long nap. Then Jason, Kenya, and Judah came to see him. It took him a few minutes for him to wake up but he was excited they were here. He colored with Kenya then we all played the game of life. A neurologist came in to see Anton because we were all concerned with how many times he passed out yesterday. His doctor was also from Moscow, Russia so we were all very excited about that! We talked about everything that was happening (in the hall so the kids didn't hear) then he came in and talked to Anton for a few minutes and had him guess some animal sounds. He thinks Anton is fine neurologically and he is just immature emotionally. Meaning he processes emotions like someone who is a few years younger not like a 5 year old, which is something i have realized for the past few months as well (I don't say it in front of Anton). I think Anton is developmentally right where he should be emotionally though he does act a few years younger.. Then we finished up the game of life and Jason, Judah, and Kenya all went home. The reason they came today is because Anton has started crying a lot today thinking they were going to forget who he was. So they came to hang out and reassured him that they would never forget who he was. They also brought him the gifts from the care packages we have been receiving. Seriously, thank you to everyone who has given us care packages, it means a lot to us. Anton's favorite animal is an elephant and one of the gifts he got was a toy elephant. Anton cried and cried when Jason and the kids left so I told him to hug his elephant and remember what they told him, that they would never forget him. I told him every time he got scared they would forget him he could hug his elephant and remember what they said. It work out great and he is soundly sleeping for the night with his elephant in his arms. Jason won't bring the kids back up here until the day of Anton's bone marrow transplant. We want to expose him to as few germs as possible. Then after transplant they won't come back until his counts are back up. So here is the big news... ANTON DID NOT PASS OUT ONCE TODAY!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am about this! We started a chart and for every 3 days he doesn't throw a fit and pass out he will get a treat. It's called his no passing out chart. I don't think I would have realized what an amazing treat today was if yesterday hadn't been so hard. Praising God Anton's happy little personality shown forth brightly today. It was nice to have my boy back. Thank you guys for all the prayers and kind words, I may not always have time to respond but i read the comments and messages and I'm thankful!! - March 21, 2015 at 10:17PM

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