Sunday, March 22, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day -4 Today was another great day. Anton threw two fits but didn't pass out, yay! Anton did throw up quite a bit when he woke up but only that one time. Anton did great getting chemo today and they also gave him another med called ATG which suppresses his immune system. They said pretty much anyone they give it to has an allergic reaction so don't be surprised if it happens. Anton did great though and didn't have any side effects from that med. He will get it everyday for three days and could have a reaction to it any time they give it but I'm thankful Anton did great today!!! Jason brought some soup up to the hospital that some of the ladies from our church here made and it was so nice to have a home cooked meal! So thankful for this church and these ladies! We had some great time playing on Anton's floor mat today and Anton did great during OT. Oh and we did dressing change today and all of Anton's wounds that were infected are healing nicely and don't look infected anymore. The site at his central line is looking infecter though so please be praying that it is just healing and not infected. They cultured it so we shall see. Thanks for following along! - March 22, 2015 at 08:22PM

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