Thursday, March 19, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

About thirty minutes after they gave Anton versed his stats started dropping are were in the 80s so they had to give him oxygen which he is still on. No more versed for that boy. It also made him super sleepy which was nice because they were running about an hour behind. I got to go in the o.r. while they were putting him to sleep. He never even woke up from the versed so that was an easy transition. Then I went to the waiting room and chilled until they called me back in there to do his wraps. I don't know why but I was super nervous about going back there even though I have done it several times. Everything went great though and I got to share with everyone in the o.r. about our twins and how they played a huge part in Anton's adoption story. I shared with them how God worked out all the details of Anton's adoption so perfectly and what a joy Anton is to our family. It actually ended up being really fun. Then I went back to the waiting room while they woke him up. The last two times we have been here they put him to sleep using gas (not sure that's really what it is called) and meds through his IV which is amazing because they never had to intubate him. They came and got me then I headed to the recovery room. Anton and was still asleep but we woke him up about 30 minutes later and he was happy but acting crazy. He would sit up then throw himself back and then lean to the side. He was acting crazy. I was thankful that he went back to sleep because it was hard to keep him safe. He is sleeping in his room and I am going to rest. When I think about today I am just once again blown away by the amazing God we serve. To Him be the glory forever! - March 19, 2015 at 07:01PM

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