Saturday, July 18, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +113 Our room on the BMT floor is so much fun. We have never been in this room before but it has 4 tvs, and you can control the lights, the screen out in the hall, the shades, and I'm sure many more fun things with one of them. Kenya and Anton were so excited when we walked in the room, Anton quickly told his doctors he wanted to just stay there, ha. He has been in such a great mood today. One of the doctor's asked if we had any questions or if we needed anything and Anton's said "well I just need to know if that is a pureed menu over there". He talked and showed off for all of his doctors today. He had us all cracking up. Anton normally gets one fever every other week and since he had a bone marrow transplant anything over 100.5 is an automatic readmission to the hospital. This time it was a little different because Anton ran a fever three different times today. They are checking blood cultures and I'm not really sure what else. We only give Anton a bath once a week (we change his wraps everyday). Today I gave him a bath and it was pretty awful. He was on a pretty high does of Steriods (he is now on a taper schedule so we can get him off of them) and steroids slow down wound healing. So Anton has had the same open wounds, plus one more, for weeks and weeks. I will be so happy once he is off of steroids so some of these wounds will start to close. Anton's skin is still fraigle but is so much tougher now. I would say his skin is 80% tougher since transplant. The BMT isn't a cure and Anton will always have skin break downs but I am so impressed with the progress we have seen so far! When I was putting new wraps on Anton he said the sweetest thing ever. He said "when I grow up I want to be just like you mommy so I can change people's wraps when they get dirty". It was seriously the sweetest thing ever considering how awful his bath went. This kid is such a gift from God and I tell him all the time how thankful I am that he is our son. Hopefully he won't get any more fevers so we can get out of there in a few days. - July 18, 2015 at 12:36AM

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