Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Facebook update from Help Anton

Day +132 Anton was only awake for 4 hours yesterday. I was getting pretty worried about him but then he woke up at midnight and was ready to party. We watched Big Hero 6 and of course had a sing off with his nurses again. He went to sleep after that and slept all night. His o2 stays around 94% when he is off of oxygen but after awhile if dips to 90% so he is still on oxygen just for some extra help. The doctors think he either has pneumonia or atelectasis. It is hard to tell on the X-ray which on it is so they are treating him for pneumonia but watching him closely. atelectasis is when small parts of the lung stick together, kinda like a collosped lung but not as bad. He just needs to take big breaths to open up his lungs more. So we are working on that plus the oxygen is helping. They also discovered through a sonogram of his arm that he has 2 blood clots in his arm. They aren't totally blocking the blood flow but it is reduced quite a bit. They are going to watch him closely and do a repeat sonogram in a few days to see what the clots look like. He has been in the hospital for the past 18 days and despite being on some strong antibiotics he is still running fevers everyday. Dr. Tolar follows all of his EB kiddos closely but there is a team of doctors that oversees their care while in the hospital. These doctors rotate every few weeks. Dr. Tolar comes on service at the hospital tomorrow, meaning he will be rounding with the doctors and will be seeing Anton everyday. The doctors that are here now have done a great job caring for Anton but I can't wait for Dr. Tolar to be the main one caring for him. They had story time with Dora today at the hospital so I took Anton down and he had a blast. He loved getting to meet Dora and loved the books they read. Then we headed back up to our room. Anton is doing better than yesterday but no where near normal. Praying for wisdom for the doctors. - August 05, 2015 at 03:13PM

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